Open consultations

Geneva, 26 February 2008

Draft Agenda


1. Taking stock of the 2007 meeting

Participants are invited to comment on what worked well and what worked less well at the Rio de Janeiro meeting. What lessons can be learned and what changes ought to be made with regard to the programme of the 2008 meeting. A questionnaire was issued to facilitate the discussion:

For discussion.


2. The Advisory Group

As part of its mandate, the Advisory Group has been requested to make proposals on a suitable rotation among its members, based on recommendations from the various interested groups. 

For discussion


3. The 2008 meeting

The host country may wish to give a presentation of the venue of the 2008 meeting.


4. Reports from related activities

Organizers of related events and Dynamic Coalitions may wish to report about their activities since the Rio meeting.


5. Any Other Business