Shariffa Al-Meskary, Information Technology Authority of Oman

What worked well:

  1. All the Main sessions were very well presented

  2. All the workshops

  3. All materials were available

  4. Staff were very cooperative

  5. All other logistic matters were well organized that is including transport.

  6. Free seating arrangements.

What worked less well:

  1. Lunch area was very small had to wait nearly 45 min. to get a table.

Suggestions for improvements:

  1. We should be allowed to make only 3 chooices of hotels instead of seven or ten
  2. The Forum evenue should  be in  the hotels due to security resons and  will cut the cost of trasport.

Other comments suggestions:

  1. We should have good security in RIO.


  1. No I dont think its necessary