Chantal Lebrument, Safran Group

What worked well:

  1. Working together into a same place
  2. Registration, acreditation and information point
  3. Programs & documents
  4. Transportation

What worked less well:

  1. Sessions without goals
  2. No translation in workshops as the one dedicated to the multilingual problems
  3. Location in a very expansive place without cafeteria or coffee shop
  4. Poscast @ blog (out-of-order all the day)

Suggestions for improvements:

  1. A real program with goals and discussions
  2. Knowing the exact location of IGF in RIO earliest for booking hostel
  3. Proposal booking for cheapest hostels
  4. Large interpretation for non-users english language
  5. Internet equipment & wifi access.

Other comments suggestions:


  1. NO. It seems more convenient to translate all contributions as they will be received than spond a lot of money to translate the same text from institutionnal and very known discours