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MAG Renewal

FAQs - MAG Renewal

On behalf of the United Nations Secretary-General, the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs requests nominations from all stakeholders in an official announcement published on the IGF Secretariat’s website.

The call for nominations is a call to all stakeholders for names to be put forward for the UN Secretary-General (through the Under-Secretary-General and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs - UNDESA) to consider when appointing the new MAG, as the mandate of the IGF was given to the Secretary-General.

Any interested individuals or organizations are welcome to put forward candidates for the MAG to represent their stakeholder group, or individuals may nominate themselves, using the online form provided on the IGF website. Stakeholder groups should nominate candidates from the stakeholder group that they belong to.


All applicants will be given equal consideration in line with the MAG terms of reference, available here.

As explained above, the individual candidates will be identified with a stakeholder group based on chosen classification in the submitted forms. After the candidates are selected, they serve in their personal capacity. The candidates represent the interests of the entire stakeholder group.

It is the prerogative of the UN Secretary-General to appoint the candidates.

Candidates are assessed based on a number of factors such as, but not limited to: broadness of support, likely contribution, and knowledge and expertise. In reference to the MAG composition, the final aim is to make the MAG as representative as possible, reflecting diversity of viewpoints, geography and gender balance, and knowledge of Internet Governance-related issues. Experts in subject areas as well as apparent newbies are welcome as part of IGF capacity building efforts.


The membership of the current and previous MAGs can be found at the following url: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/magabout  

There are no permanent or reserved seats - or guaranteed membership allotments - per stakeholder group on the MAG. During the annual appointment process, a general balance is always sought among the groups but their respective numbers will fluctuate slightly from year to year. This is due to important factors which are given the same, if not higher, consideration than the need for numerically equivalent stakeholder groups, notably: priorities for regional diversity, with an emphasis on representation from developing and least developed countries; gender balance; and diversity of institutions and organizations with which members are affiliated.


Approximately one half of the MAG membership is filled by Governments, while the other half is divided in roughly equal fashion among the remaining stakeholder groups.

MAG members are appointed for a term of one year with a possible extension of up to two more years. The MAG is rotated by approximately one-third each year in order to enhance diversity and bring in new viewpoints.


Exceptionally, MAG members can serve for a longer period of time (on re-nomination!) if there is a lack of candidates fitting the desired criteria.

MAG members who have served fewer than three years and want to continue to serve, do not have to be re-nominated; however, there is an evaluation at the end of each one-year term. Based on their performance, which takes into account their attendance at meetings and the level of their contribution and participation in the global IGF’s activities, members with low performance may be excluded from automatic renewal. Existing MAG members who wish to discontinue their service should inform the IGF Secretariat at [email protected].

The 2016 list of MAG members can be found on the IGF website, under the section ‘MAG’, available here. Past MAG membership lists are also available in this section.

MAG members from least developed, developing countries and transitional economies can apply to have their travel and/or accommodation financed by the IGF Secretariat, subject to the financial resources available in the IGF Trust Fund. The criteria for this process are spelled out here:  Eligibility Criteria For Funding A Participant