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Cloud computing has been designated as the theme for the 'emerging issues' session in Vilnius. This session will bring together an overview of the issue from both the policy and the technical perspectives of the area and will provide an initial exploration of the possible Internet governance considerations within cloud computing.

Panellists will introduce each one of the three following sub-themes, after which there will be a discussion, where participants from the workshops feed into the session. They include the following:

  • Concept: what is ‘cloud’? How can it be used and why should users use the cloud?
  • Infrastructure, hardware, and environment.
  • Privacy, integrity, confidence in the cloud, public policy, regulation.

• Patrik Fältström
• Katitza Rodriguez

• Susana Sargento
• Frank Osafo-Charles
• Luis Magalhães
• Kristina Irion
• Robert Pepper

Remote Moderation:
• Sandra Hoferichter

Feeder workshops:
• 58 Implications of Cloud Computing
• 105 The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy Objectives
• 106 How green is the Internet cloud? Policies to unleash the potential of cloud computing in tackling climate change
• 136 Engendering confidence in the cloud - answering the questions of security and privacy
• 154 Data in the Cloud: Where do Open Standards Fit In?