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1  Preparatory Process / Digest of the Advisory Group discussions / Digest of the Advisory Group Discussions on: September 08, 2008, 12:53:29 PM
The attached files contain excerpts from the discussion on the IGF Advisory Group mailing list.  The only changes made relate to an effort to anonymize the comments in respect of the Chatham House rule. 

Excerpts from the discussion between:

 22 September - 2 October 2008

 10 - 21 September 2008

 3 - 9 September 2008

 26 August - 3 September 2008

 18 - 26 August 2008

 29 July - 17 August 2008

 16 - 28 July 2008

 1 - 15 July 2008

 17 - 30 June 2008
 6 - 17 June 2008
 16 May - 5 June 2008

 8 - 16 May 2008
 28_April - 8 May 2008

 14-20 April 2008

 11-17 March 2008
 25 February – 2 March 2008

 18-24 February 2008

 4 - 10 February 2008

 30 January - 3 February 2008

 6 December 2007 - 15 January  2008  (previously posted)

2  Preparatory Process / Draft schedule/programme / Discussion on the draft programme/schedule for the Hyderabad meeting on: March 05, 2008, 03:07:12 PM
This discussion thread has been opened to allow for comments and suggestions on the draft  programme and schedule for the Hyderabad meeting as contained in the summary report of the MAG meeting on 27-28 February 2008.
3  Preparatory Process / Advisory Group / Re: Renewal of the Advisory Group on: January 21, 2008, 04:49:01 PM
The attached file contains  excerpts from an ongoing discussion on the IGF Advisory Group mailing list thread on its own future.  The only changes made relate to an effort to anonymize the comments in respect of the Chatham House rule.  The discussion took place between 6 December 2007 and 15 January 2008. One contribution to this discussion is also posted as a separate submission.

4  Preparatory Process / Advisory Group / Re: Renewal of the Advisory Group on: January 15, 2008, 11:22:15 AM
The following is posted on behalf of :

George Sadowsky
John Klensin
Matthew Shears
Patrik Fältström
Bill Graham

The text is an extract of an email sent to the Secretariat on 19 December 2007 as part of an ongoing discussion within the Advisory Group:

Dear Markus,

There has been considerable discussion among the technical community  regarding the issue that you have recently raised regarding the composition and evolution of the IGF Advisory Group.

The initial result of this discussion is that several of us would like to put forward the following proposal:


Role of Chair:
- The Chair should be a neutral person designated by the UN Secretary-General
- The Chair should be appointed for the remainder of the mandate of the IGF - we believe that Nitin Desai should continue in this role
Host country representative (at the host country's discretion):

- A senior local host country representative could participate in the AG meetings and be the interface for logistics and protocol matters for the event

Number of AG members:
- 40, comprising, in the spirit of true multi-stakeholderism and equal representation, 10 from each stakeholder group (governments, business, civil society and technical community)

- Rotation in March, service through end February following year

- International organizations with relevance to IG issues are welcome as observers (subject to the approval of the Chair)

Advisers to the Chair:
- Maximum of 5 advisers selected by the Chair

- The Chair may wish to extend an invitation to a host country representative to be one of the five advisers

Rotation:- Approximately one third of the AG members from each stakeholder group should rotate every year

- Each stakeholder group will be responsible for submitting the names of the outgoing and incoming Advisory Group members to the Chair for approval (the Chair may consult as he sees appropriate with regards to the proposed names). Stakeholder groups may provide more names than there are seats.  The Chair's decision is final.

- If an insufficient number of members have retired from the AG, the Chair may ask individuals to retire (in informal and private conversation)

Key guidelines for AG member selection:

- AG members should be chosen on the basis of how large and diverse a community they connect to (which is different than "represent").

- Anyone who did not participate actively and conscientiously should not be renewed.  (Note that participation can include postings to the list, private communications with the Chair and the secretariat, attendance at meetings, both in Geneva and at IGF, and actual work in  helping to facilitate the IGF, etc.).

- Quality of participation should count more than quantity of participation.

- The AG should be balanced in terms of, inter alia, stakeholders, geographic regions, gender, points of view, while noting that the competence/expertise of the group should not be diluted to achieve this balance.


Other members of our community have participated in the discussions leading to this proposal, and are planning to post their specific comments regarding its content to the list.

We trust that this proposal is a positive contribution to the continued functioning and success of the Internet Governance Forum, and we look forward to your comments.  In addition, we look forward to continuing to work with you  and Chairman Desai to increase the productivity of future IGF interactions and events.

5  Preparatory Process / Advisory Group / Renewal of the Advisory Group on: December 16, 2007, 12:03:04 PM
Please post any comments you have here
6  IGF Rio de Janeiro Meeting / Comments on the agenda and programme / Re: Registration process on: May 09, 2007, 07:19:23 AM
Thank you for your post. Last year registrants received an automatic acknowledgement or approval of their registration and at times this response got stuck in the recipients spam filter. However, the Secretariat is constantly seeking to improve its processes and will take efforts to make this year's registration process smoother and friendlier.

7  IGF Rio de Janeiro Meeting / Comments on the agenda and programme / Comments on the agenda and programme of the second IGF meeting on: April 03, 2007, 12:21:20 PM
Please post any comments you may have on the agenda and programme for the second IGF meeting to be held in Rio de Janeiro on 12 - 15 November 2007.
8  Taking stock and the way forward / Taking stock and the way forward / Taking Stock on: November 09, 2006, 10:45:29 AM
Please send us your comments on the IGF process.
9  Remote Participation / Remote Participation - Ideas / Re: Remote participation on: September 29, 2006, 07:21:50 AM
Would this indicate that you would be accepting input in these languages as well?
10  Remote Participation / Remote Participation - Ideas / Re: Remote participation on: September 27, 2006, 12:42:58 PM
Sure, we are listening and we are open to any reasonable suggestions. We will look at the alternatives you have suggested and see if they are more suitable and if we can implement them.

Also we will not implement anything that is flash based, java based or does not try and conform to W3C priority 1 and 2 usability standards (priority 3 would be good as well if possible).

11  Remote Participation / Remote Participation - Ideas / Remote participation on: September 13, 2006, 12:40:07 PM
Remote participation
Many people will not be able to travel to Athens, but they will be able to follow the discussions via Web cast on this Web site.  We are therefore looking for proposals on how to facilitate remote participation as well as for volunteers willing to serve as ‘connectors’ to remote participants. 

The meeting could rely on different available solutions, from IM to more elaborate virtual collaboration systems. Please let us now what you think works best. Participants are encouraged to bring their own solutions to the meeting and act as  ‘connectors’. However, they will be responsible for their own funding.

The volunteer ‘connectors’ would serve as point of entry for remote participants into the IGF discussions. They could bring to the attention of the meeting the opinions from their respective communities across the world.
Please join the discussion.
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