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IGF 2019 Village

During the annual IGF meeting, interested stakeholders can display or distribute relevant information about their IGF-related activities at the IGF Village. The IGF Village consists of display booths and is located in the meeting venue area.

The booths are non-commercial in nature. They are free of charge, and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with respecting a balance of stakeholder and regional diversity. Booths are of limited availability.

The composition of the 2019 IGF Village

Received requests were evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis, noting the completeness of information provided, and respecting the stakeholder and regional diversity balance. 

Below is the list of organizations that are assigned a booth: 

  1. ‎1 World Connected‎
  2. Access Now
  4. Asociación por los Derechos Civiles
  5. Association for Progressive Communications (APC)‎
  6. Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University / Network of Centers ‎‎
  7. China Association for Science and Technology
  8. CNNIC China Internet Network Information Center
  9. Communication University of Zhejiang (*booth assigned for: 25 and 26 November)
  10. Council of Europe
  11. CSC eGovernance Services India Limited
  12. DENIC Eg (.de doman)‎
  13. Deutsche Telekom AG
  14. Digital Grassroots
  15. DiploFoundation
  16. Dominios Latinoamerica
  17. DW Akademie
  18. ECO – Association of the Internet Industry
  19. Element AI (*booth assigned for: 27, 28 and 29 November)
  20. Elsevier B.V.‎
  21. EU Agency for Fundamental Rights
  22. EuroDIG
  23. European Commission's Next Generation Internet Initiative - NGI4EU (*booth assigned for: 26 and 27 November)
  24. FGI France*group of organizations (French Digital Council, telecom regulator, ARCEP, ‎AFNIC, ISOC France)‎
  25. Genlish Foundation
  26. Global AM LLC
  27. Google
  28. ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  29. IEEE Smart Village
  30. Imagining the Internet Center, Elon University
  31. IGF NRIs
  32. Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  33. Insafe
  34. International Chamber of Commerce Business Action to Support the Information Society ‎initiative (ICC BASIS)‎
  35. Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network
  36. Internet Protection Society
  37. Internet Society
  38. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
  39. Missions Publiques
  40. Mozilla
  41. Pew Research Center Internet and Technology
  42. Ranking Digital Rights
  43. Regional Internet Registries
  44. Reporters Without Borders
  45. Seed Alliance
  46. TechNation
  47. The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE)‎
  48. Weizenbaum Institute


List of pending booth requests:

  1. At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)‎
  2. Cameroon - ROADS TO THE FUTURE
  3. Chancen Digitale Stiftung
  4. Chapters ISOC Advisory Council and ISOC
  5. Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
  6. Columbia Global Freedom of Expression
  7. Defence Against AIDS Poverty and Underdevelopment (DAAPU)‎
  9. e.V.Demokratie Mehr
  10. Forum Governance Bangladesh Internet
  11. Global Repository For Internet Studies (GRIS)‎
  12. IGF China
  13. IGF DCs
  14. International Cybercrime against TaC-Together
  15. Internet Governance Project
  16. Internet Governance Wiki
  17. Internet Society of China
  18. IRPC - Internet Rights and Principles Coalition ‎
  19. Just Net Coalition
  20. Learn Internet Governance
  21. National Institute of Public Finance and Policy
  22. Nigeria Internet Governance Forum
  23. Non-Commercial Users Constituency
  24. Open Internet for Democracy Initiative
  25. PAK Education Society/Pakistan Development Network
  26. Rights Initiative on now human rights express
  27. Russian Center for Promotion of International Initiatives
  30. TIM Technology Services Ltd.‎
  31. South School on Internet Governance
  32. Youth Observatory (Internet Society Special Interest Group)‎

Information about the IGF 2019 Village Logistics will be available on this page.

Contact Information

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