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IGF 2020 Village Booth #32 China Federation of Internet Societies


CFIS is a national, joint and pivotal non-profit social organization formed by domestic social organizations and related institutions in the field of Network Security & Informatization (hereinafter referred to as Net-Info). It is a social organization possessing status as a legal entity.
The purposes of CFIS are to actively play the role of bridge to coordinate the resources of all parties in society, promote the development of Internet social organizations, rally their strength and strengthen their role, guide them to learn from each other and make common improvement, and enhance individual vitality and improve the overall level of work.
This time we hope to display the work and results of CFIS in promoting self-discipline in the Internet industry and the development of the digital economy.
In terms of promoting self-discipline in the Internet industry, CFIS has held the China Internet integrity conference for two consecutive years. The China Internet Integrity Conference is an annual event for the construction of China's network integrity. It aims to strive to create a good atmosphere for everyone to provide suggestions and participate in the construction of network integrity, create an honest and trustworthy cyberspace environment, and help to promote Modernizing China’s governance system and capacity for governance.
As an annual event, pushing the construction of network integrity conference focusing on electronic commerce, network media, social good faith construction platform field problems, efforts to build all of BSFLP, all participate in the network good atmosphere of good faith construction, to get through between people, between people and the government, the media, the enterprise good faith "the last kilometer", build the network honest space environment, boost national modernization management system and management ability.
CFIS has been working on the international digital economy expo to promote the development of the digital economy and hopes to showcase some of the expo's achievements here.
In addition, CFIS has a special research department, which has regular reports on the history, development stage, development status, positioning and prospects of network social organizations, as well as an annual report on the self-discipline of the Internet industry in China, China e - commerce construction and development report,what we want to show to everyone on village booth.