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Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG)


The Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG) is an open group for organizations and individuals, representing all stakeholder groups, willing to collaborate together in order to encourage and enrich youth participation in local, regional, and international Internet governance discussions and processes.

YCIG was established to advocate for the voice of children, young people, and young professionals in Internet governance fora and processes.
YCIG is open to all young people and other relevant stakeholders interested in Internet governance issues. It has been successful in securing a commitment from the IGF to include young panelists at annual meetings, as well as at organizing a series of panels at different levels of engagement, and producing clear statements during IGF closing plenary sessions.
As a registered IGF Dynamic Coalition, YCIG has a meeting slot at each forum to bring together youth stakeholders from across the IGF to identify and discuss relevant issues, and network together to build a stronger youth voice in Internet governance processes.
The YCIG also publishes a beginners guide to the IGF, which is located here:
More information on Youth IGF initiatives is located here:



The YCIG aims to empower youth who want to actively participate in the IGF’s intersessional activities and initiatives, such as other Dynamic Coalitions, and by supporting the IGF and its Secretariat in getting more young people involved on equal footing with other stakeholders in Internet governance processes. It is imperative that youth be included in such processes and be able to share ideas and best practices from local and regional perspectives with the global Internet governance community. Our goal is to build a robust and sustainable youth coalition on Internet governance by reaching out to youth as well as youth-led organizations and other relevant stakeholders interested in joining and contributing to the IGF community.

The YCIG is the natural space for youth interested in Internet governance-related issues and the IGF as a platform for engaging with all stakeholders on equal footing to amplify youth voices. The YCIG is a space open for all youth and other relevant stakeholders, regardless of social status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, geographic location, or religion (or lack thereof).

Stay up-to-date by following our official blog, the YCIG website, or the YCIG Facebook group.


Mailing List Address: [email protected]

Subscription Link:!forum/ycig

(*New users must be signed into Google and click on 'Apply to join group')


YCIG Steering Committee Members

James Propa Kaliisa – Civil Society / Africa Group
Krishna Kumar – Technical Community / Asia-Pacific Group
Israel Rosas – Government / Latin America & Caribbean Group
Nadia Tjahja – Private Sector / Western Europe and Others Group (WEOG), contact point Eastern Europe Group (EEG)

The YCIG further consists of individuals and youth-led organizations active in various Internet-related processes and fora around the world, representing all stakeholder groups. We welcome any new member, individual, or organization, who accepts the YCIG charter:   

Individual members
(adopted the charter on 18 November 2009):   

  • Abdallah Diwan, Egypt

  • Amr El Sadr, Egypt

  • Marília Maciel, Brazil

  • Pascal Bekono, Cameroon

  • Rafik Dammak, Tunisia

  • Agnieszka Wrzesień, Poland

  • Malte Spitz, Germany

  • Raquel Gatto, Brazil

  • Andres Piazza, Argentina

  • Wojciech Gryc, Canada

  • Wieke Vink, Holland

  • Tim Davies, UK

  • Markku Rasanen, Finland

  • Jyry Suvilehto, Finland

  • Jean-Yves Gatete,Burundi

  • Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong,Chad

  • Elaine Cheng, Hong Kong

  • Bianca Ho, Hong Kong

  • Moisander Juuso, Finland

  • Ginger Paque, Venezuela

  • Tamara Sonne, Canada

  • Akinbo, Adebunmi Adeola

  • Oarabile Mudongo, Botswana

  • Arsene Tungali, D.R. Congo

  • Yannis Li
  • David NG
  • Michael Oghia
  • Aida Mahmutović
  • Martin Fischer

Supporting organisations:

  • NetMission.Asia

  • Childnet International UK

  • DiploFoundation

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation Finland

  • Elon University

  • Imagining the Internet

  • Reach Out to Asia (Qatar Foundation)

  • Practical Participation

  • Network of EuRopean Digital Youth

Contact Information

United Nations
Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Villa Le Bocage
Palais des Nations,
CH-1211 Geneva 10

igf [at] un [dot] org
+41 (0) 229 173 411