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Hi Luca,

                Many thanks for the clarification.

                I am fully unaware of the comments provided to the GNN mailing-list. How can I get a hold of them?
                Have they been shared with the DCNN Members through the DCNN mailing list as you stated was the process to provide comments? maybe I missed them



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Dear all,

This email is to clarify that the consolidate version of the Net Neutrality Policy Statement will be submitted to the IGF Secretariat for publication on 1st August.

Should you have any further comments on the consolidated version (e.g. comments have been shared on the GNN mailin-list and the Dratf 3.0 googledoc suggesting the erasure of point (b) of the Preamble), please circulate them on the DCNN mailing-list by 27 July so that they can be integrated in the finalised version that will be submitted to the IGF Secretariat on 1st August.

All the best,


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Dear all,

Please find below and in attachment the consolidated version of the Net Neutrality Policy Statement. All info regarding the statement's elaboration process will remain public and availble on http://www.networkneutrality.info/events.html

By 1st August the consolidated version will be published on the IGF website in order to stimulate further comments from the entire IGF community. This participatory process aims at the elaboration of a statement that will be presented at the IGF Main Session on Dynamic Coalitions’ outcomes. Comments regarding the consolidated version can be shared on the DCNN mailing-list that is now co-moderated by the IGF Secretariat.

Many thanks for your very constructive comments.
All the best,

Luca Belli<http://www.linkedin.com/pub/luca-belli/24/20/1a4>, PhD
Researcher, Center for Technology & Society, FGV Rio de Janeiro<http://direitorio.fgv.br/cts>
Founder and Co-chair, IGF Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality<http://networkneutrality.info/about.html>
Co-founder and Co-chair, IGF Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility<http://platformresponsibility.info/>

Network Neutrality Policy Statement

a)        The Internet should be open, secure and accessible to all people.
b)        The Internet should also be free from unnecessary regulation by governments as well as from interference by Internet service providers in the usage decisions of subscribers.
c)        Network Neutrality plays an instrumental role in preserving Internet openness; fostering the enjoyment of Internet users' human rights; promoting competition and equality of opportunity; facilitating permission-less innovation; safeguarding the generative, peer-to-peer nature of the Internet; and spreading the benefits of the Internet to all people.
d)       Managing Internet traffic in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner compatible with the Network Neutrality Principle serves the interests of the public by preserving a level playing field with minimal barriers to entry and by providing equal opportunity for the invention and development of new applications, services and business models.
e)        Competition among broadband networks, technologies and all players of the Internet ecosystem is essential to ensure the openness of the Internet.

1. Network Neutrality Principle
Network Neutrality is the principle according to which Internet traffic shall be treated without discrimination, restriction or interference regardless of its sender, recipient, type or content, so that Internet users’ freedom is not restricted by favouring or disfavouring (technically, financially, economically or otherwise) the transmission of specific Internet traffic.

2. Non-discriminatory Traffic Management
In accordance with the Network Neutrality Principle, Internet service providers shall not restrict, block, filter, or otherwise interfere with Internet traffic. Any deviation from this principle may be considered as reasonable traffic management as long as it is necessary and proportionate to:

a)        give force to a court order or a legal provision in accordance with human rights norms and international law;

b)        preserve network security and integrity;

c)        mitigate the effects of congestion via temporary and non-discriminatory measures.
In particular, Internet access services should not be degraded by or for the provision of other services provided by the Internet service provider.

3. Transparent Traffic Management
Internet service providers shall publish meaningful and transparent information on characteristics and conditions of the Internet access services they offer, the connection speeds that are to be provided, and their traffic management practices, notably with regard to how Internet access services may be affected by simultaneous usage of other services provided by the Internet service provider.

4. Privacy
All players on the Internet value chain, including governments, shall comply with privacy and data protection norms and international law. In particular, any techniques to inspect or analyse Internet traffic shall be in accordance with privacy and data protection obligations and subject to clear legal protections.

5. Implementation and Enforcement
In order to enforce the Network Neutrality Principle, the competent national authorities should promote independent testing of Internet traffic management practices, ensure the availability of Internet access and evaluate the compatibility of Internet access policies with the respect of human rights norms and international law. National authorities should publicly report their findings. Complaint procedures to address network neutrality violations should be available and violations should attract appropriate fines.

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