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Asia Pacific Regional Group

Current record of the existing national IGFs in Asia Pacific regional group:

National IGFs in Asia Pacific Regional Group

Name About Annual Meeting Information Annual Meeting Report
Afghanistan IGF The Internet Governance Forum Afghanistan (IGFA) was established in 2017.
It aims at  addressing issues of relevance for the respective community of Afghanistan. It brings diverse stakeholders under a single platform to discuss challenges and propose solutions. 

1 - 3 May 2018,
Kabul, Afghanistan

Bangladesh IGF

Bangladesh national IGF was launched in 2016 year.

It provides a domestic independent forum in Bangladesh aiming to engage different stakeholder groups into the discussion on Internet governance. It helps to create partnerships, coalitions and dialogues that demonstrate best practices and help move policy forward.

6 November 2018,
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh IGF Annual 2016 Report
China IGF

National IGF of China was recognized in 2019. 

Its core objective is to foster a bottom-up, participatory, open, transparent, and inclusive platform where all stakeholders can exercise their respective roles in enhancing Internet security, accelerating industry development, advancing good Internet governance and promoting digital economy.

TBC July 2020,
TBC, China
Japan IGF

Japan national IGF was established in 2016.

Its main goal is to create a unique place for all stakeholders of this respective community to discuss the issues related to Internet governance.

22 March 2019.
Tokyo, Japan

Japan IGF Annual 2019 Report

Japan IGFAnnual 2018 Report

Lebanon IGF

National IGF of Lebanon was established in 2017.

Its core objective is to develop a multistakeholder process for their respective community to address matters pertaining to the Internet governance.

28 - 29 November 2018,
Beirut, Lebanon


Nepal IGF

National IGF of Nepal was established in 2017 year.

Nepal IGF Declaration indicates that the main objective of this IGF is to promote and encourage open and inclusive dialogue and exchange of ideas among all stakeholders involved with Internet governance related issues. It focuses on the organization of the annual meeting, as well as on the capacity building, raising awareness, creating new opportunities for this respective community and bringing new perspectives to it, all in regards to the Internet governance.

2 - 3 November 2018,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal IGF Annual 2018 Report

Nepal IGF Annual 2017 Report

Pakistan IGF

The national IGF of Pakistan was established in 2017 year.

It aims for creating a platform for discussion, dialogue, exchange and collaboration on Internet Governance issues. 

N/A 2018  
Republic of Korea IGF

This national IGF was organized in 2012, and recognized in 2017.

It is an annual forum for multistakeholder policy dialogue on Internet-related matters.

5 July 2018,
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea IGF Annual 2018 Report

Republic of Korea IGF Annual 2017 Report

Sri Lanka IGF

Sri Lanka national IGF was organized in 2015 year.

Its main objective is to reinforce active citizenship in people and participates in the development of intercultural and intergenerational dialogues.

    N/A 2018

Sri Lanka IGF Annual 2016 Report
Vanuatu IGF

Vanuatu IGF was established in 2019. 

It aims at establishing a multistakeholder platform for discussing the Internet governance related matters.

17 May 2019
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Indonesia IGF

Indonesia national IGF was established in  2012 year.

It aims at achieving the highest principles, as signed in the Indonesia IGF Declaration.

    1 November 2018,  
Jakarta, Indonesia



Note: The above information are being published as received.

In case you would like to organize a national IGF, or to engage in any of the existing ones, please contact the IGF Secretariat at: agengo[at]unog[dot]ch.
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