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  1. IGF 2017 Attendance & Programme Statistics

    ... BPF sessions; 15 individual DC sessions; 8 individual NRIs sessions; 13 sessions classified as “other”; 24 lightning sessions; ...


  2. IGF 2019 Strengthening the Future for Small Island Developing States

    ... from SIDS on local IG-related activities in 2019 (including NRIs) - Review of online discussions re: DC-SIDS Action Plan - Formal adoption ...

    DC Session

  3. BPF Gender and Access (2018)

    ... governance policy processes and initiatives, such as NRIs and ISOC Special Interest Group on Women was also strengthened. Outreach ...


  4. Supporting participation at the IGF 2020 annual meeting

    ... 2020 process as active contributors to intersessional and ‎NRIs work, session co-organizers, session speakers, moderators and ...


  5. IGF 2018 WS #314 One world one debate - the voice of the global South in IG

    ... more true multi-stakeholder involvement in the IGF and in NRIs as well. Moderator:  Matthias Spielkamp (iRights) ...



    ... Q&A ●    Feed-in: BPF CENB, Gender and Access, NRIS [6 min]: ●   Conclusion and wrap-up [5 min]: The session ... Best Practice Forums : CENB, Gender and Access, NRIs 13. Desired results/outputs? Possible next steps? ●  An ...

    Main Session

  7. IGF 2019 Pre-Event #38 Imagining the Next ‎‎50 Years of Digital Life‎

    ... invitation to participants. In addition, we are inviting the NRIs and Youth Initiatives to join this session as observers and participants ...


  8. IGF 2017 - Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity

    ... to seek input from National and Regional IGF Initiatives (NRIs) via an NRI-specific questionnaire. All contributions are collected on ... that can sustain the value of working through and with NRIs, with results that could be of interest to the IGF BPF to share globally. ...

    Book page - 8 comments

  9. IGF 2018 WS #41 Internet of Things security by design: Let's wrap it up now!

    ... using the broad existing channels of the IGF: MAG, NRIs, DC, BPFs; the existing national and international initiatives as ...


  10. Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billions – Phase III

    ... groups. Communities within the IGF, specifically the NRIs, DCs and BPFs, were reached out to through targeted outreach mechanisms, ...

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