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Anri van der Spuy avanderspuy at researchictafrica.net
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Dear All

Please see the request for input below from the ITU’s Council Working Group on the Internet’s Open Consultation on Bridging the Digital Gender Divide (deadline 23 December). 

The focus of the consultation is specifically on women entrepreneurs and SMEs, but I’m sure many of you have experience in relevant areas and can contribute useful information.

We’re also hoping to welcome someone from ITU/Equals to talk to us about their efforts during the BPF’s session at the IGF if you’d like to know more about this effort. 

Kind regards,


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> Subject: Open Consultation on Bridging the Digital Gender Divide
> Date: 16 November 2017 at 5:07:29 PM SAST
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> Dear Anri,
> I trust my email finds you well.
> Within the framework of the Council Working Group on Internet <http://email.prnewswire.com/wf/click?upn=TwIh0OIjG8BOSB67uKqqjyWd-2FOspPJQCQfzEmGg0ywxK2oSOxGFIjkwIUw2fcYt15-2BqrCNz49UFmkXIRIYZFa3342JAvfGjISh1UV95XeSE-3D_8g1KNKWfevB0K-2BVNCqkJ-2F02IndPepJB4r-2Bxs3pagIQD54s3-2FUbIZ3Vs4HbdxaU5gmRt8Ed5twW63Ha3GHBO1szMSopGw9KCnwxtpLH-2FHsuKsDcBWrPTxKTNi2B6-2Bm9tb8JWGfnX8RTY6vtHbRDk2imi75wL64OF8sKGKtw0S0f074o6ur9FbPlC5ZL-2BuNMumHpTsmP50VKhX2bfQ4oWOm6Fhq66C-2FZ8R0A-2F0Fmm2PpCXQnaW0sxbAGYRyEzcnk-2FV1erAX0PLXvrB6OsRiJjxVqmEp2rgxT4aEVfZF7gP6FQ7MTsSVIFaioBctaytSbXQ>, ITU members decided to invite all stakeholders to share proposed solutions for bridging the gender digital divide. The online consultation <https://www.itu.int/en/council/cwg-internet/Pages/consultation-oct2017.aspx> is open until 23 December 2017. 
> The outcomes of the consultation will complement EQUALS and inform partners on the challenges faced by SMEs, governments, and decision makers to ensure and measure women’s participation in the digital economy. 
> EQUALS Partners are invited to submit their views around the following questions:
> 1. What approaches and examples of good practices are available to increase Internet access and digital literacy of women and girls, including in decision-making processes on Internet public policy?
> 2. What approaches and examples of good practices are available to promote the access and use of ICTs by SMEs in developing and least-developed countries, particularly those owned/managed by women, in order to achieve greater participation in the digital economy?
> 3. Which are the available sources and mechanisms for measuring women's participation in the digital economy with focus on SME's and micro-enterprises?
> 4. What measures/policies could be envisioned in order to foster the role of women as entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs, specifically in developing and least-developed countries?
> 5. What are the gaps in addressing these challenges? How can they be addressed and what is the role of governments?
> We kindly ask you to help us promoting the online consultation process through your network.
> We remain at your disposal for any additional information.
> Thanks
> Carla  

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