[Bp_gender] Here are the results from the 2017 EROTICS Global Survey!

Smita Vanniyar smita at pointofview.org
Fri Dec 22 04:16:50 EST 2017

Hello everyone,

The results of the 2017 EROTICSGlobal Survey are now out!

The survey reached out to respondents broadly self-identified as “working
on” LGBTIQ, women’s and sexual rights, which potentially included
activists, scholars, experts and supporters; in other words, individuals
who are particularly sensitive to issues around sexual rights and the
internet. They were invited to respond to a questionnaire addressing issues
of access, use of internet resources for advocacy, online safety and
censorship. The first global survey was launched in 2013, and a slightly
revised version of the questionnaire was applied as a follow-up exercise in
2014. In 2017, a revised version of the questionnaire was again sent out,
and an important innovation was introduced: in-depth interviews were
conducted with individuals who volunteered to expand on their responses.

You can read the findings here
I have also attached a PDF copy of the findings for easy access.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!

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