[Bp_gender] BPF Gender: Access - v 2.0!

Jac sm Kee jac at apcwomen.org
Mon May 29 04:57:47 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm very pleased to share that the BPF Gender: Access has received much
support from the MAG to continue our work for the second year, to build
on what we have done in 2016.

I'd like to thank Renata for her work in co-chairing the BPF last year,
and her innovative ideas for engagement as well as bringing in many
stakeholders esp from the LAC region. And then to welcome Cheryl Miller,
who will be co-chairing the work with me this year. Cheryl has been a
strong supporter of gender-related issues at the IGF, MAG and beyond,
and I'm looking forward to also new ideas and engagement with her on
board :)

Let's start by having our first call for the year. I have set up a
Doodle Poll: http://doodle.com/poll/7rufgdmw4ca5nyf8

Please fill in what works best for you, and we'll announce what the
majority looks like.

Also, to share the outline of the proposed work for the BPF this year
that was shared with MAG, as well as for our discussion in the meeting:

Thanks and looking forward to working with everyone again this year!


Jac sm Kee
Manager, Women's Rights Programme
Association for Progressive Communications
www.apc.org | www.takebackthetech.net | erotics.apc.org
Jitsi: jacsmk | Skype: jacsmk | Twitter: @jhybe

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