[Bp_gender] Released today: 2019 Five Pillars of Fairwork Report

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Thu Oct 17 05:09:16 EDT 2019

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We’re delighted to announce the release of our first major report,/The
Five Pillars of Fairwork/
This report is the culmination of many months of fieldwork, background
research, and stimulating engagement with a variety of stakeholders,
from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), policy makers and
trade unions, to platform workers and owners in Bangalore, Cape Town and
Johannesburg. In it, we take a deep dive into the work we did this past
year, showcase our findings, and present our plans for the future. 

      What’s the report about?

An estimated 30 million people
the Global South work in the platform economy, where they do freelance
or short term jobs that are outsourced to them through digital platforms
or apps. Such ‘gigs’ provide essential income and opportunities to many.
However, due to a lack of protection in the form of employment law or
collective bodies, many platform workers face low pay, precarious job
security, and poor and dangerous working conditions. 

Our goal at the Fairwork Project is to imagine, and ultimately realise,
a different, fairer platform economy than the one we have today. We do
this by evaluating the working conditions of digital platforms against
five ‘principles of fairness’, and scoring them on how well (or poorly)
they do. In this way, we hold platforms to account for the kind of work
they provide, so that ultimately, platform workers can benefit from
receiving better working conditions. 

In the first year of our operations (2018-19), we evaluated twenty-two
large and influential companies in two contexts: twelve platforms in
India (Bangalore), and ten platforms in South Africa (Cape Town and
Johannesburg). To do this, we took as our starting point the five
Fairwork principles <https://fair.work/principles/>that we co-developed
through a number of workshops that brought together various stakeholders
within and beyond the two countries:

  * Principle 1: Fair Pay
  * Principle 2: Fair Conditions
  * Principle 3: Fair Contracts
  * Principle 4: Fair Management
  * Principle 5: Fair Representation

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