[IGFmaglist] A newbie question on workshop evaluation

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri Apr 17 12:45:15 EDT 2015


And yes newbie - as no matter how much time I have put it around the
IGF  have neither submitted a workshop proposal (did submit a
preproposal once but did not follow though - found the process too
difficult) and I have never rated a proposal.  Apologies for missing the
meeting, though I do not know whether I would have thought of this
question then.

Has there been consideration given to offering an chance for voluntary
merging before rating begins.

We can see that there are too many.  So can those who submitted.

Since we have not started evaluation yet, is there any possible value in
giving the proponents a chance to look at the list themselves, before
evaluation, to see if they can combine with anyone.

Could even offer bonus eval points for having done so.

Just a thought.


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