[IGFmaglist] Draft principles and steps for IGF inter-sessional activities

Chengetai Masango cmasango at unog.ch
Mon Apr 27 16:43:25 EDT 2015

Dear All,

Please find below the draft principles and steps for IGF inter-sessional activities drafted by the co-facilitators of the IGF inter-sessional Working Group (Virat Bhatia, Amb. Benedicto Fonseca Filho, Lynn St. Amour, Baher Esmat, Avri Doria and Constance Bommelaer):

Draft Principles for IGF inter-sessional work on "Connecting the Next Billion":
The process will comply with the IGF and the MAG's working principles. 
The process will be open and inclusive, all stakeholders will be invited to contribute and should be able to actively participate;
Diversity of ideas and opinions and views will be welcomed, while consensus will be encouraged differences of opinions can also be acknowledged.
Contributions will be addressed and incorporated in a neutral fashion. 

Draft methodology:
Agree on format of the output: e.g. Policy messages, or policy menus (or something else?)
Agree on the tool used: e.g. web platform allowing for people to insert comments remotely
Agree on process: MAG volunteers could be invited to join the group of co-facilitators of the Inter-sessional IGF Working Group activities, an open-ended editing group would be formed to work together (alternative could be for each stakeholder community to propose representatives). 
The Secretariat would hold the pen and ensure the process unfolds in a neural fashion.
The Chair of the IGF MAG would ensure the process complies with the principles above-mentioned. 

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