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Thanks, Subi.
Also, a few other questions.
As we all supported mentoring role, can we also clarify when that means that a MAG member cannot participate in evaluation?Those of us who informally, or more formally mentored submitters -- helping them through our rather more structured approach -- were not necessarily endorsing a workshop, but were responding to request for help. Secondly, just because a MAG member is invited as a speaker should not be interpreted that they are biased toward the workshop, so how do we determine the neutrality and allow participation in ratings and rankings.

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Thanks Marilyn for initiating the thread. Following on from the call yesterday. I wish to start by thanking Susan, Fiona and all the members of the group for their excellent contributions on guidelines. 
 I got questions on how can workshop proposers ensure, gender and geographical diversity of speakers, especially from first time workshop proposers.

This is a question to the secretariat and to Susan and other colleagues on the MAG.
 I do not have clarity on how those workshops were scored which said yes to help needed from the MAG / Secretariat on recommendations of speakers/panelists. Last year while evaluating workshop proposals there were no standard guidelines MAG members used individual discretion for this point.
How were they evaluated? Was this held against them. Were they scored negatively?Was help provided to them?
Or were they rated in the general pool and incase they didn't meet the scores were they dropped off without necessary assistance being provided? We did look as workshop proposals on a case by case basis at the end, but I do not recall specific discussion on this issue.
2. IS the link with registration of panelists/speakers operational and are workshop proposers familiar with it? is that an available resource for workshop proposers especially first time and developing country proposers who may not be familiar with the existing pool.
3. There were questions too on the exact objective of the background paper and the optimal length and it's importance / contribution towards acceptance of a workshop. First time proposers may not have absolute clarity on this as well.
Prior to evaluating workshop proposals , I reiterate my support for a webinar be held early and a robust discussion be had so that the odds aren't stacked up against new proposers and developing country proposers whose first language may not be english and titled heavily in favour of veterans. As a teacher I vouch for the fact that evaluation is a tricky and a deeply contested subject. 

I also hope that we will continue to work towards excellence in quality but will also strive towards enabling new and first time proposers to not just participate and learn but also lead and share.
The mentorship role of the MAG may also continue both pre-workshop submission, during as well as post evaluation. 
4. Where we mention on the website http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/

"A list of all proposals for the IGF 2015 overarching theme and sub-themes (those made during the December meeting and those submitted during the online public consultations) is available."
Can it also be added that the workshop proposers may reach out to the secretariat at (email) , in case they are facing any difficulties or have a query. 


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This is only following up on comments made by folks who were asking questions about their proposals.Two noted they tried to upload background papers justifying asking to have a panel. One noted that they thought that panels were a valid approach and questioned the resistance and apparent opposition of the MAG to allow the use of panels, especially when proposers are focused on speakers from developing countries.
The second question I received was about allowing a change from one format to another, if it developed that a different format was better for the topic, as long as that happened quickly, and with all needed process.
Sorry, one more - one person told me that they uploaded their background paper but do not know how to verify it was received.
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