[IGFmaglist] Webinar on workshop grading

Susan Chalmers susan at chalmers.associates
Tue Apr 7 08:17:42 EDT 2015

Hi Lea, all,

The word "webinar" might be confusing to some - so far as I understand we
are scheduling a normal WebEx call, which can be recorded for MAG members
to listen to afterwards.

Just a few thoughts to share as the doodle poll is being filled out...

We all have a little bit of homework to do before the call. Please
read the evaluation
the call so that we all begin with a basic understanding of the process.

I'd also strongly suggest that everyone take a "test drive" of the
guidelines by reviewing at least 5 workshop proposals, which are published
on the IGF website <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/workshop-proposals>.

MAG members give each workshop proposal a score from 1 to 5, with 1 being
the least favourable score and 5 the best.*

This score is based upon the following considerations, from the evaluation

*1.    Is the proposal well thought-through and complete?2.    Is the
proposal relevant to Internet Governance? 3.    Does the proposal contain a
list of proposed speakers, participating individuals and organizations, or
a description of how different stakeholder perspectives will be
represented?4.    Is this the first time this individual or organization
has submitted a workshop proposal to the IGF? (first-time proposers are
preferred over repeat-proposers),5.    Is the Workshop description
consistent with the format listed (for example, if the format is Debate,
then does the proposal describe how the debate will be set up, with
timings, etc.,  indicated, are all sides of the issues represented)?6.
Is the proposal for a new format? (Break-out Group Discussions, Debates,
Flash Sessions, Birds of a Feather, Roundtables and Other formats are
encouraged over the Panel format),7.    Is there diversity amongst the
participants (gender, geography, stakeholder group, perspective)? (as a
general matter, greater diversity is encouraged),8.    Is there developing
country participation? (as a general matter, developing country
participation is encouraged),9.    Does the description clearly specify the
Internet Governance problem/question/challenged to be addressed during the
workshop?10.    Does the proposal include a well-considered plan for remote

The way that you grade each proposal is up to you. People devise their own
systems. Personally, my "code" when evaluating the proposals is: *be
neutral, **b**e thoughtful, be fair*.

I'm hoping that some veteran MAG members can join us to share their
workshop evaluation experiences.

I hope this helps in preparation of the call.


Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates


On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 9:29 PM, Lea Kaspar <lea at gp-digital.org> wrote:

> Dear Chengetai,
> Thank you for making these arrangements. I'm afraid I won't be attend
> either of the two dates proposed due to travel - would it be possible to
> record the session and view it later on?
> Warm wishes,
> Lea
> On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 10:22 AM, Chengetai Masango <cmasango at unog.ch>
> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Please find below a link to a doodle poll to set the time for a webinar
>> on workshop grading. I would be grateful if all interested parties would
>> fill it out.
>> http://doodle.com/unyf76macnqmcwvz
>> The Poll will close on Thursday 12 am UTC.
>> Best regards,
>> Chengetai
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