[IGFmaglist] Need for September MAG meeting

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Dear Colleagues,

If we manage to hold an additional meeting in September (location tbd), it would certainly be a good opportunity to discuss the status of both the IGF best practices and the draft outcomes of the inter-sessional activities on "Connecting the Next Billion".

If it proves to be difficult to organize a third MAG meeting, we should nevertheless be able to make progress through virtual meetings.

Best regards,


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Dear Janis and MAG Coleagues:

I am new on the MAG, so I don't know the activities that the MAG has to carry out with only two month to the IGF.

The meeting in New York was scheduled with the idea of having an open consultation in the UN site expecting to have in attendance representatives of member states that will have to vote for the renewing or not of the IGF.

To schedule such a meeting in September, does not guarantee that the pertinent officials of the member states will be already in New York.

So maybe is better to schedule the open consultation (and MAG meeting) during one of the PrepCon for WSIS+10. In that meeting it is a better chance to have the presence of the adequate representatives of the member states that could influence in their countries vote on the renewing of the IGF.

Best regards


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Dear MAG members,

I would like to raise the issue concerning the necessity to organize the third MAG meeting in September.

Assuming that the May meeting will lead us to the agreement on the workshops that would be organized during the Brazil IGF and to other issues related to the IGF (main sessions, NMI liaisonship, inter-seasonal work, BP stream) and we would continue regular on-line conversation I wonder what the MAG would address in September?

When we initially discussed the feasibility of September meeting our thoughts were focused on possible synergies between the IGF and WSIS + 10 review processes. He current UN PGA seems to have different ideas related to his task of consulting stakeholders on the substance of WSIS review. The first preparatory meeting of the WSIS + 10 review process is scheduled for early June. It my provide some clarity on the topic. But in the meantime, we need to decide how to proceed.

If the inter-sessional activities will be enthusiastically supported by different national and regional IGF and the open-ended editorial group will have wealth of material to work on maybe we could think of replacing the MAG meeting with that of editorial group? The place and exact time of the meeting should be discussed, of course. If we will not pursue with the inter-sessional work track for one or another reason then we would go straight to Joao Pessoa.

I would appreciate your thoughts on the above.

Thank you in advance.

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