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I also welcome the GCCS statement.  UNESCO Executive Board is also meeting, still this week, with the important opportunity to endorse the "Connecting the Dots" outcome statement.  
I am hoping that others would agree that it would also be helpful to share information regarding any MAG members who will attend CSTD, ITU Council, and WSIS Forum.
Might I ask the Secretariat to invite those attending to share that information with the Secretariat, who might then compile such a list.
As an FYI, I will be at all three events in May.  I hestitate to call it "May Madness", so will call it May Marathon. A much betterdescription! 

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Thank you for sharing, Chengetai, and thanks to all who contributed to this outcome. We should build on the support for the IGF shown at the GCCS and UNESCO in March at other forums leading up to the WSIS review, particularly the upcoming CSTD.
Warm wishes,Lea

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Chengetai Masango <cmasango at unog.ch> wrote:
Dear All,

The Chairman’s statement of Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015  which was held on 16 - 17 April 2015 at The Hague includes a statement of support for the IGF and its renewal in paragraph 13:
13. With respect to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), there was general support for the view thatthis global platform for multistakeholder policy dialogue on Internet governance issues shouldcarry on and improve, including through enhanced and inclusive participation by all stakeholdersnot only at global level, but also at national and regional level. There was strong support for therenewal of the IGF’s mandate beyond 2015, to be decided on by the UN General Assembly inDecember 2015.


I would like to thank all those involved.
Best regards,

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