[IGFmaglist] Draft principles and steps for IGF inter-sessional activities

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Dear Chengetai and All,

Thanks very much for all of the hard work in pulling this together.  I don't know if there is room for editing, but I have a suggestion that I believe is important relating to the following point:

•	Diversity of ideas and opinions and views will be welcomed, while consensus will be encouraged differences of opinions can also be acknowledged.

Based on my past experience working on one of the main sessions last year, I think a big challenge is ironing out the process for how to handle a difference of opinion.  I think we should be clear about what happens when agreement cannot be reached on a particular topic or point.  I would offer two suggestions in this regard-- either you could take out both points where no agreement can be reached, or you would need to carefully explain all of the opinions and list them.  I think we should also change the above bullet to "differences of opinion must be acknowledged, or will be acknowledged."  The word "can" offers a choice of not acknowledging a differences, and I think this would be a mistake.

I would prefer to use the word compendium, rather than output, as I think that would better describe this effort, and if not I would recommend adding some type of safeguard language, so that output is not misconstrued as an outcome statement.  Just a few thoughts that I think could add some extra clarity and transparency.  Many thanks for considering, and thanks again to all who worked on this.

All the best,

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Dear All,


Please find attached the latest version of the draft principles and steps for IGF inter-sessional activities. MAG members are invited to join the editorial group by sending an email to  Anri VAN DER SPUY <AVANDERSPUY at unog.ch>. 

The next step is putting the public call together for input on the theme “Connecting the Next Billion”

Best regards 


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