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I was privileged to being able to attend all the stakeholder events in the six month preparation process, and also the side events and the High Level event [two days] just concluded in NY UNGA.
There is a lot to say thank you about to the Co Facilitators themselves, to the fellow MAG members, and wider IGF communities, to Chengetai as Secretariat and team, to the MAG chair and his two advisors - Markus and Constance. 
I also want to especially thank Am. Fonseca, as the Host Country Chair and CGI.br's great team, not only for the excellence of the IGF 2016 but also for the contribution in the preparatory process in NY, and in the side event organized on Monday, led by Am. Fonseca, that the other co organizers -- myself, Lea, Shita, and Lynn -- as MAG members were able to contribute to co organizing. And, thanks to Mexico for their support throughout this last year, as it has been so important to know where IGF2016 would be, once extension occurred.
No amount of well organized events matter if there are not participants, and the Monday session was very well attended by MAG and other colleagues from governments, civil society, technical community, industry, and academia.  
I look forward to meeting with fellow MAG and other stakeholder colleagues at the first MAG meeting in 2016, as we move forward with both taking stock, and looking ahead to Mexico! 
As a holiday period is rapidly approaching, perhaps this is the opportunity to wish all safe and happy holiday celebrations with friends and families.

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    Dear IGF friends


      Congratulations to our community for the outcome of the High Level
      WSIS + 10 review and for the extension of the IGF mandate!


      Congratulations in particular to Janis for his extremely competent
      leadership, which led us to a very successful, innovative and
      outcome-oriented IGF in João Pessoa.  This milestone certainly had
      an important influence on the decision of the UN GA High-Level


      My deep appreciation also to Chengetai and his team at the
      Secretariat, for the smooth and competent organization of the


      I am very confident that the MAG will continue to improve IGF,
      building on lessons learnt from previous editions and
      strengthening its role as a focal point for the discussion of the
      many relevant Internet governance issues, in a true
      multistakeholder way. 


      I take the opportunity to wish you happy Holidays and a very
      fruitful 2016.


      Best regards





        Dear MAG colleagues,

        As promised I am writing to inform you that earlier
          today the UN GA at the High Level WSIS + 10 review meeting
          unanimously decided to extend the mandate of IGF as defined in
          para 72 of the Tunis agenda for the next 10 years.
        The adopted text suggest the following:

            We acknowledge the role of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as a multistakeholder 
            platform for discussion of Internet governance issues.  We support the recommendations of 
            the report of the CSTD Working Group on improvements to the IGF, which were taken note 
            of by the General Assembly in its resolution 68/198, and we call for their accelerated 
            implementation. We extend the IGF mandate for another 10 years with its current mandate 
            as set out in paragraph 72 to 78 of the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society. We 
            recognize that during this period, the IGF should continue to show progress on working 
            modalities, and participation of relevant stakeholders from developing countries.  We call on 
            the CSTD, within its current reporting, to give due consideration to fulfilment of its Working 
            Group report recommendations. 

          I would like to use this opportunity and thank all of you
            for your hard work and dedication to the IGF. All of you
            contributed towards this decision of the General Assembly.
            You should be proud of your achievement.

          Remaining yours


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