[IGFmaglist] Main session update and request for inputs.

Subi Chaturvedi subichaturvedi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 08:48:46 EST 2015

Dear all,

Trust you've been well. Congratulations to all the colleagues you've been
doing great work.

And thank you all for your inputs.

It will soon be time for us to start work on the Main Sessions. We
recognise the extensive and detailed  contributions from each of you.

Do please let me know if you have any further insights on the following
issues, which could do with some more inputs.

1.Proposed - Each Main session to be led/facilitated by 1 new and 1 old MAG
member. Your thoughts?
2. Fiona raised an important concern on the need to avoid repetition of
speakers on Panels.
One thought is a mandatory and/or voluntary ceiling on the speakers. we do
this on a first come basis. A speaker may not be allowed to speak on more
than shall we say *TWO main sessions? your thought>*
*(b) MAG members to disclose that they are nominated / recommending
speakers to which sessions. *
*(c) Avoid conflict of interest*
*(d) The same set of speakers to not be recommended for each main session

3. To encourage diversity.
All main session organisers

*(a)The panelists pool to made use of by all session leads. It throws up
some very good names.*
*(b) Attempt to have a young person on each main session/panel*
*(c) Ask different stakeholder groups to recommend names.*
*(d) Attempt for gender balance and expertise and new voice *

*More ideas?*

*4. To retain Policy questions which each session will hope to address and
also mention clearly which sub theme of the IGF the session if at all
relates with*

*5. An ideal number of main sessions.*
*We learnt from last year that there was a problem of plenty.*
*Also do we retain some empty slots as suggested by the chair, and with
good reason.*

*6. Enhancing interactivity. This is important for flagging the inclusion
of not just  talking heads and experts on the panel but also including and
actively seeking engagement of in room and online participants. Good bye

*Your thoughts?*
*In some sessions- a dialogue and a conversation through out the session
including a roving mic with a microphone , four standing microphones seemed
to work, instead of keeping all the questions till the end.*

*7. We have received some extremely concrete inputs but this section can
still do with more insights. *
*Thoughts on making the session more valuable for each participant.*

*8. Publicity.*
*Retention of the app. colours , dots*
*A dedicated page on the Main Site*
*Integration on social media*
*micro cards with registration like all special events/ Gala etc. of the
host country. each main session to have one too.*


*Should be done onsite? While the session is on?*
*OR a form to be floated to everyone who came*

*10.Report *

*two reports*
*1. by the end of the day on which the main session takes place for the
Chair's summary*
*2. A more substantive follow up report with a way forward and insights*

*11. Duration*

*To fullfil the objectives of the Main sessions and recognise parameters of
gender and geographic diversity of speakers and retaining sufficient time
for engagement / interaction it is currently proposed that we retain the 3
hr. slot for mains by MAG members.*

*This has varied in the past for Orientation and Capacity building which
worked with 1.5 hr slots last year*
*Thoughts welcome.*

*12. Innovation in Format*

*Do send us your comments before E.O.D. 10th March *


*Subi Chaturvedi and *Flávio Rech Wagner
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