[IGFmaglist] Workshop Proposal Webinars; 10 Things for Proposers - TRANSLATION IN HINDI

Bhatia, Virat virat.bhatia at intl.att.com
Mon Mar 9 10:27:55 EDT 2015

Please find attached the Hindi translation regarding the workshops for IGF 2015 and the 10 key issues.
Generally, a  large number of Indians speak, read and write English fluently, but since we are looking at different languages, here is the Hindi version for the working group along with links which lead to the IGF website.
Copying secretariat for information and action.
Trust this is helpful.
Virat Bhatia

From: Susan Chalmers [mailto:susan at chalmers.associates]
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2015 2:28 AM
To: Outreach_com_2015 at intgovforum.org; ws_selection_2015 at intgovforum.org; Bhatia, Virat; Adrian QUESADA RODRIGUEZ; Marina Sokolova
Subject: Workshop Proposal Webinars; 10 Things for Proposers

Dear Colleagues,

During the last MAG call it was suggested that we organize two informational webinars for workshop proposers. Adrian has kindly set up a Doodle poll: http://doodle.com/s2g39ctd4aaig58k <http://doodle.com/s2g39ctd4aaig58k> . The available dates are March 12th, 13th and 14th. Please fill in your preferences asap.

We must also wrap up our work on the informational document: 10 things for workshop proposers to consider.

 *   @Virat, I just need you to double check the language that you provided, if you could please.
 *   To all - as no one has stepped forward to organise MAG members into being 'mentors' for workshop proposers, we'll direct all inquiries to the Secretariat. Hopefully the webinars will reduce queries.
All others, we'll need volunteers to translate the doc into as many languages as we can.

 *   @Marianne, we would be most grateful to take you up on your offer to translate the document into Russian and Belarusian?
 *   If volunteers for other languages could please step forward, that would save me from having to nominate people - but I promise that I will if need be - this week - so please do volunteer in the next day or so if you speak any other language than English. :-)
The link to the "10 things" doc is here: https://docs.google.com/a/chalmers.associates/document/d/1bEc70zYjkQdeJDtLUuFEnCVL3a_Gpetf2ydSeVNwBvQ/edit.

I'll be sending word out to the broader MAG list before our virtual meeting.

Thanks and all the best!


Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates<mailto:susan at chalmers.associates>

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