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Constance Bommelaer bommelaer at isoc.org
Wed Mar 18 05:31:42 EDT 2015

Dear all,

Following the last MAG call, the co-facilitators of the IGF inter-sessional Working Group (Virat Bhatia, Amb. Benedicto Fonseca Filho, Lynn St. Amour, Baher Esmat, Avri Doria and Constance Bommelaer) had a call last Friday including Janis Karklins and the IGF Secretariat. The group attempted to draft principles and steps for IGF inter-sessional activities, for the consideration of the MAG and the Inter-sessional Working Group.

Draft Principles for IGF inter-sessional work on "Connecting the Next Billion":

  *   The process will comply with the IGF and the MAG's working principles.
  *   The process will be open and inclusive, all stakeholders will be invited to contribute and should be able to actively participate;
  *   Diversity of ideas and opinions and views will be welcomed, while consensus will be encouraged differences of opinions can also be acknowledged.
  *   Contributions will be addressed and incorporated in a neutral fashion.

Draft methodology:

  *   Agree on format of the output: e.g. Policy messages, or policy menus (or something else?)
  *   Agree on the tool used: e.g. web platform allowing for people to insert comments remotely
  *   Agree on process: MAG volunteers could be invited to join the group of co-facilitators of the Inter-sessional IGF Working Group activities, an open-ended editing group would be formed to work together (alternative could be for each stakeholder community to propose representatives).
  *   The Secretariat would hold the pen and ensure the process unfolds in a neural fashion.
  *   The Chair of the IGF MAG would ensure the process complies with the principles above-mentioned.

The proposal is to discuss the outline above during today's MAG call, and amend as needed following the recommendations of the MAG as well as the Inter-sessional Working Group. A call with the latter would be organized following today's MAG call.

Best regards,

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