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Wed Mar 4 22:36:12 EST 2015

Dear Susan, dear Com WG members

Thank you very much for your initiative and the 10 tip paper in so many languages.

I think it is mature text that an be disseminated widely.

The first occasion might be the webinar devoted to the topic. It can be published as a blog on different platforms and of course put on the IGF website.


If MAG members will not object within next 24 hours Secretariat will proceed as suggested.

Thanks again


PS: Yesterday at the closing session of the UNESCO Internet conference I used the Com WG line to take papering my intervention. Thank you for good advice. JK

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From: Susan Chalmers
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Greetings MAG,

The Workshop and Outreach WGs have produced the attached document for your review, which provides helpful pointers for workshop proposers. Volunteers have stepped forward to translate the document into Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Belarusian, and Ukranian. We warmly encourage other translations as well, so please consider volunteering.

We'd like to have the document approved by the MAG and the Secretariat so that we can circulate it as soon as possible. 

Could the chair and/or Secretariat kindly advise on next steps?

Many thanks.



Susan Chalmers
susan at chalmers.associates

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