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Chengetai Masango cmasango at unog.ch
Fri Mar 27 11:37:06 EDT 2015

Dear All,

Please find below a link to a doodle poll to find a time for the BPF coordination virtual meeting.

The poll will close on Monday, 30 May. I would be grateful if you could distribute the link to any interested party   

http://doodle.com/myybyp5enu7rivq4 <http://doodle.com/myybyp5enu7rivq4>

Best regards,


> On Mar 25, 2015, at 2:10 PM, Constance Bommelaer <bommelaer at isoc.org> wrote:
> Dear all, 
> This is to give you a quick update on the status of the IGF 2015 Best Practices Forums <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/best-practice-forums>. We have now identified expert/MAG leaders for each of the 6 themes below:
> Regulation and mitigation of unwanted communications <http://mail.intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/bp_spam_intgovforum.org>: Markus Kummer
> Establishing and supporting Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) <http://mail.intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/bp_certs_intgovforum.org>: Markus Kummer
> Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms <http://mail.intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/bp_multistakeholder_intgovforum.org>: Avri Doria
> Practices to countering abuse against women online <http://mail.intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/bp_counteringabuse_intgovforum.org>: Jac Kee and Subi Chatuvedi 
> IPv6 <http://mail.intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/bp_ipv6_intgovforum.org>: Izumi Okutani 
> IXPs <http://mail.intgovforum.org/mailman/listinfo/bp_ixps_intgovforum.org>: Desirée Zachariah
> If you wish to team-up with any of the individuals above, please let the Secretariat know. The next step, especially for the new themes, will be to enroll subject matter experts on the dedicated mailing lists where the core of the work will take place (sign-up here <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/best-practice-forums>).
> For the convenience of the group, I am reattaching the framework document that was used as a basis for last year's BPFs, acknowledging that each group adapts the methodology in a flexible way to the needs of the specific topics. 
> Upcoming coordination call:
> Some groups have already kick-started the work while others are still in formation. To share insights on how to organize the work going forward, the Secretariat will set-up a call including the different expert leaders and any interested stakeholder.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Constance Bommelaer
> Senior Director, Global Internet Policy
> The Internet Society
> http://www.isoc.org <http://www.isoc.org/> 
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