[IGFmaglist] Follow up from yesterday's meeting on Cyber Main Session

Dominique Lazanski dlazanski at gsma.com
Thu Sep 3 10:18:07 EDT 2015

Dear All,

Thanks for a really productive and useful meeting yesterday afternoon. I think that we can consider this main session officially kicked off! I've attached the Main session cyber security document and my basic notes from yesterday's meeting as well.

Looking over my notes from yesterday we had a wide ranging discussion on areas of focus, speakers, topics and ideas from everyone in the room. What I think emerged was the following key ideas:

·        Need to recognize that we can't focus on all cybersecurity issues, but set the scene by acknowledging what cybersecurity is and what all the issues are.

·        Focus on areas of multistakeholder collaboration and cooperation in the areas of cybersecurity for this particular session.

·        Make the session useful, different and inclusive of geographical diversity.

Taking these points into account, I think that we need to try and develop the following points in greater detail with focus areas and speakers:

Agenda : KEY THREADS- This main session will explore the following:
§  Identify the issues: what are the critical challenges in establishing resiliency and trust from the different stakeholders' perspectives?
§  Assess the capabilities: what capabilities are essential to addressing cybersecurity challenges and how can they be measured?
§  Capacity building: what are the best practices in addressing today's and tomorrow's challenges? What platforms would facilitate and accelerate these efforts and how can they best achieve synergy in this field?
§  Multistakeholder collaborations: what are examples of successful proactive and reactive collaborations to address cybersecurity challenges, either nationally, regionally, or globally; within a sector and across sectors?
§  Next steps: What practical and concrete steps can be taken or initiatives could be implemented? What other evidence-based research is needed?

Finally we need to agree to two moderators. Any suggestions welcome, but I would suggest that Arnold recommend one from the his experience doing the GCCS.

So in conclusion next steps are:

1.      Suggesting speakers and moderators taking into account global diversity as well as attendance and remote participation options.

2.      Adding details to the key threads (above) in order to start to shape a more detailed agenda.

3.      Organise a follow up meeting tomorrow or call for next week to discuss suggestions, a more detailed agenda and speakers.

Please provide feedback on the next steps and let me know if you want to meet again tomorrow 4 September.


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