[IGFmaglist] Good-Bye

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 4 13:46:11 EDT 2015

I wish to join with all  my fellow MAG-ites and the broaderIGF community to thank you for your stewardship, your commitment and your interest and engagement. 
I know that we always benefitted from your insights and your presence, and although perhaps some on the MAG may not have known you as well as I was privileged to, I know that all of us welcomed your support and your engagement and stewardship.
I am however, after saying thank you for all your support in the pastgoing to say something about your future role and commend to all my fellow MAG-ites, how exciting your newappointment is.
I am a layperson -- but I am aware that Elia pioneered, or catalyzedmany changes about the importance of ethics within the UN system. Her new appointment is a recognition of herleadership and commitment as a change agent.  I hope others will join me in congratulating you and thanking you.
Your promotion into such an important role is well deserved recognition for you, and we will count on you as always being one of the advocates of the IGF andits ongoing activities.
 Once a part of the IGF community, we all want to assume that you are always part of us.
Marilyn Cade
To: Igfmaglist at intgovforum.org
From: armstronge at un.org
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 13:33:58 -0400
Subject: [IGFmaglist] Good-Bye

Dear Janis, members of the MAG and the
IGF community,

I heard that you had a productive MAG meeting at UNESCO over the last few
days.  ‎I am sorry I could not have been there with you.


As Wai Min mentioned, I will be moving to my next assignment next week.

I would like to say "good-bye" and thank you for having welcomed
me into your vibrant community.  I know that DESA and IGF Secretariat
colleagues will continue their dedicated support to your important work.

Wishing you the best IGF ever in Joao Pessoa and hope our paths will cross
again soon.



Elia Yi Armstrong (Ms)
| Chief

Development Management
Branch, Division for Public Administration and Development Management

Department of Economic
and Social Affairs

United Nations | Room:
DC2-1704 | Email: armstronge at un.org | Tel: +1 (917) 367-2931 | www.un.org/desa



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