[IGFmaglist] Proposal for Working Group on Innovative Session Formats

Miguel Ignacio Estrada miestrada at gmail.com
Sat May 7 20:16:52 EDT 2016

Dear MAG members,

I submit the following proposal for your consideration.

*Working Group on Innovative Session **Formats*

With the purpose to attract young people, and algo have spaces where people
can share their ideas without occupying a complete session slot when it is
not really needed, we should consider evaluating innovative session formats.

Also, some of the formats could give more space for participants who other
way could not be able to present their ideas and projects.

2 new formats were proposed but we may consider others:

*Lightning Talks *A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting
   only a few minutes. Several lightning talks will usually be delivered by
   different speakers in a single session.
   The proposal is to have them during and in the same spaces as lunch and
   coffee breaks. That way we give the presenters (mostly young people if
   defined) to have a place and an audience in order to share their ideas and
   For example: 10 minutes sessions / 10 slides presentations

*Barcamp Sessions *We should reserve a special room for a day (or more
   maybe) for this kind of unconference sessions where anyone can schedule
   his/her own session by writing on a whiteboard or putting a Post-It note on
   a 'grid' of sessions during the morning.
   For example: The whiteboard opens at 8.30AM with 30 minutes slots. The
   sessions are from 10AM until 1PM and from 3PM until 6PM. People arriving
   before 8:30AM will wait in a queue and will have the chance to schedule
   only one 30 minutes session each.

*Proposed Action Items / Timeline*

A proposed schedule for the consideration by MAG is submitted below:

No. Activity Responsible Deadline
1 Open call to invite volunteers for the WG Secretariat / Nacho Estrada
2 WG Guidelines Proposal WG members 20-may.-2016
3 WG Guidelines Approval MAG 2nd online call
4 New Session Formats Plan Proposal WG members 14-jun.-2016
5 New Session Formats Plan Approval MAG 16-jun.-2016
6 New Session Formats Planning (format, times, reqs,etc) WG members
7 New Session Formats Call Materials Ready WG Members / Secretariat
8 Lightning Sessions Call for Proposals WG members 5-jul.-2016
9 Lightning Sessions Call for Proposals End WG members 29-ago.-2016
10 Lightning Sessions Proposals Review Ready WG members 30-sept.-2016
11 Lightning Sessions Final List WG members 30-sept.-2016
12 Lightning Sessions Final List Comunication Secretariat / MAG 4-oct.-2016
13 Lightning Sessions Online Training Call 1 WG members 18-oct.-2016
14 Lightning Sessions Online Training Call 2 WG members 3-nov.-2016
15 Lightning Sessions Online Training Call 3 WG members 15-nov.-2016
16 Lightning Sessions held at IGF 2016 WG members 6-dic.-2016
17 Barcamp Sessions held at IGF 2016 WG members 6-dic.-2016


The above is a proposal to be considered by the Secretariat, MAG and WG
Members in case the WG is accepted.

*Request discussion at the 2st MAG virtual meeting, meanwhile comments

Request the secretariat to please list this proposal for discussion during
the next MAG Virtual meeting.

Meanwhile, comments and inputs are also welcome in advance.

I hope you find this WG helpful.


Nacho Estrada | @acmuzic <http://twitter.com/acmuzic>
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