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I promise to send you this information about the 1st National IGF in Uruguay, will take place next tuesday, May 17th. 


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I was struck by also the interest that the NRIs evidenced in 2015, to include gender participation in their survey. Among other suggestions for improvements for the NRIs was to have a standardized registration process for their event, which gathered this information, along with other information, and made it available for their required report. I believe that there is also strong interest in the NRIs to strengthen the engagement of women at all levels in the planning, organizing, presenting, etc. However, I will focus on something that is a barrier. 


If funding is available for more participants, we can grow the 'pie', so to speak, not deny participation to men, or women. [I include youth of both genders in this broad statement]. 

BUT, if there are only a few 'seats' so to speak, we have to understand that there are challenges to have more gender diversity. Thus, I love the idea of posting the report card, but also working collaboratively to find more funding for participation support. So, we can also build out the contact list of possible participants, as well as speakers, but also understand that sometimes it takes a year or two to find one's space. We should strive to support participants, as well as speakers. 


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Hi all, 

I apologise for multiple emails from me on this thread on the same day. 
Realised I missed some points. 

Renata, the idea of a graphic visualisation is great! We have changed 
what we measured from year to year though, as an improvement to the 
process, but some things are standard. We tried to do a comparative in 
2015, but was a bit too difficult to. Maybe you can also provide some 
thoughts and guidance on this. 

Here are the reports from previous years: 
* 2012: 
* 2013: 
* An article looking at comparison between both years: 
* 2014: 

We're in the midst of writing an article for the 2015 findings. 

And also think the idea of widening the pool for funding to support more 
women and also other under-represented groups, evinced through 
monitoring work, is a fantastic one. The gender DC tried to come up with 
a list of women speakers and resource persons who could speak on a range 
of thematic issues, in particular, from a gendered perspective, but not 
sure if this was sustained. But could be useful from a mentoring 
perspective as well, as you mentioned Marilyn. 

Chengetai, let us know how we can support sharing the findings on the 
IGF site. 

Thanks again! 


Jac sm Kee 
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On 14/04/2016 07:57, Renata Aquino Ribeiro wrote: 
> Hi 
> Jac, this is great work. 
> I hope it can be made available in the IGF site. 
> I also agree w/ Wisdom about funding support to increase women 
> participation. I'd stress that it be directed to women presenting 
> workshops or panels. Or at least put in evidence that diversity is an 
> important theme at the IGF and that women or genderfluid participants 
> have a safe space in this forum. 
> Is there any idea of these numbers in time? How much has the 
> participation increased in 2015 as opposed to the other editions? Could 
> we maybe work on graphic visualization of such important data? 
> Best, 
> Renata 
> Em 13/04/2016 16:19, "Wisdom Donkor" <wisdom.dk at gmail.com 
> <mailto:wisdom.dk at gmail.com>> escreveu: 
>     Jac reading your summery report, I believe one issue that could be 
>     discussed and considered by MAG is to work out a funding mechanism 
>     solely dedicated to funding women to IGF events. 
>     I believe every human being on earth is mothered by a woman and as 
>     such funding women to IG event will be beneficial to society. If 
>     really we will want to breach or break the poverty chain, human 
>     right issues, etc in the developing world then i think women should 
>     be placed at the fore front of development. 
>     Women are influential to the society, their partners, children, 
>     relatives and those in authority, In this case i think empowering 
>     women through internet governance will help to a large extend in 
>     breaching the digital divide gap most especial in the developing 
>     countries. 
>     we dont want our women perish but want them informed and help in the 
>     developmental agenda. 
>     Hope we discuss this futher. 
>     Cheers 
>      . 
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>     On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 6:08 PM, Jac sm Kee <jac at apcwomen.org 
>     <mailto:jac at apcwomen.org>> wrote: 
>         Dear all, 
>         Sharing the IGF 2015 Gender Report Card findings. Much thanks to the 
>         Secretariat for including this as part of the formal report 
>         back, which 
>         has translated into real results: twice the number of reports 
>         filled in 
>         compared to 2014, with a total of 107 workshops! 
>         Some interesting findings: 
>         * 79 workshops recorded that gender was a relevant aspect of their 
>         discussion 
>         * There is a fairly high number of women panelists (274 in total). 
>         However, this only made up 37% of the total panelists. 
>         * 59 out of 87 workshops (about 2/3) reported that women 
>         accounted for 
>         about half of the participants, although there was one that 
>         reported no 
>         women participants at all (which is a little surprising!) 
>         Will leave it to you to read the rest. But it's definitely showing 
>         improvements in IGF's work in integrating gender both in terms of 
>         participation and content. So bravo to all :) 
>         Chengetai, can this be published in the IGF website as part of the 
>         report for last year? 
>         Best, 
>         jac 
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