[IGFmaglist] Proposal for Modification for the Workshop Review and Evaluation Process

Dr. Rasha Abdulla rasha at aucegypt.edu
Sun May 29 06:23:31 EDT 2016

Dear MAG members,

Following the Secretariat's green light, I have finalized the proposal for
modifying the Workshop Review and Evaluation Process. This proposal tackles
only the second stage of the review process, that of evaluation by MAG
members. The first stage (the Secretariat screening), as well as the third
stage (final decisions re borderline cases, mergers, etc) remain unchanged.

I hope this proposal arrives at a middle ground for this year that takes
care of most of the concerns raised. It also reduces the subjectivity in
evaluation, and it considerably reduces the work load per MAG member. Many
thanks to Flavio, who suggested the work distribution among MAG members,
and to Susan for her comments on the whole process. I'm attaching the new
proposal on the second stage of reviewing as well as the current document
for the whole review process.

In the interest of time before our next virtual meeting, and since there
was little interaction on the WG mailing list, I'm hereby offering the
proposal to the full list of MAG members for consideration. I request that
the Secretariat include this on Wednesday's meeting agenda if possible.

Best regards.

Rasha A. Abdulla, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Past Chair
Journalism and Mass Communication
The American University in Cairo
Twitter: @RashaAbdulla
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