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Great work. I support this proposal.

On Sunday, May 8, 2016, Miguel Ignacio Estrada <miestrada at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear MAG members,
> I submit the following proposal for your consideration.
> Working Group on Innovative Session Formats
> With the purpose to attract young people, and algo have spaces where
people can share their ideas without occupying a complete session slot when
it is not really needed, we should consider evaluating innovative session
> Also, some of the formats could give more space for participants who
other way could not be able to present their ideas and projects.
> 2 new formats were proposed but we may consider others:
> Lightning Talks
> A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes.
Several lightning talks will usually be delivered by different speakers in
a single session.
> The proposal is to have them during and in the same spaces as lunch and
coffee breaks. That way we give the presenters (mostly young people if
defined) to have a place and an audience in order to share their ideas and
> For example: 10 minutes sessions / 10 slides presentations
> Barcamp Sessions
> We should reserve a special room for a day (or more maybe) for this kind
of unconference sessions where anyone can schedule his/her own session by
writing on a whiteboard or putting a Post-It note on a 'grid' of sessions
during the morning.
> For example: The whiteboard opens at 8.30AM with 30 minutes slots. The
sessions are from 10AM until 1PM and from 3PM until 6PM. People arriving
before 8:30AM will wait in a queue and will have the chance to schedule
only one 30 minutes session each.
> Proposed Action Items / Timeline
> A proposed schedule for the consideration by MAG is submitted below:
> No.ActivityResponsibleDeadline
> 1Open call to invite volunteers for the WGSecretariat / Nacho
> 2WG Guidelines ProposalWG members20-may.-2016
> 3WG Guidelines ApprovalMAG2nd online call
> 4New Session Formats Plan ProposalWG members14-jun.-2016
> 5New Session Formats Plan ApprovalMAG16-jun.-2016
> 6New Session Formats Planning (format, times, reqs,etc)WG
> 7New Session Formats Call Materials ReadyWG Members /
> 8Lightning Sessions Call for ProposalsWG members5-jul.-2016
> 9Lightning Sessions Call for Proposals EndWG members29-ago.-2016
> 10Lightning Sessions Proposals Review ReadyWG members30-sept.-2016
> 11Lightning Sessions Final ListWG members30-sept.-2016
> 12Lightning Sessions Final List ComunicationSecretariat / MAG4-oct.-2016
> 13Lightning Sessions Online Training Call 1WG members18-oct.-2016
> 14Lightning Sessions Online Training Call 2WG members3-nov.-2016
> 15Lightning Sessions Online Training Call 3WG members15-nov.-2016
> 16Lightning Sessions held at IGF 2016WG members6-dic.-2016
> 17Barcamp Sessions held at IGF 2016WG members6-dic.-2016
> Note:
> The above is a proposal to be considered by the Secretariat, MAG and WG
Members in case the WG is accepted.
> Request discussion at the 2st MAG virtual meeting, meanwhile comments
> Request the secretariat to please list this proposal for discussion
during the next MAG Virtual meeting.
> Meanwhile, comments and inputs are also welcome in advance.
> I hope you find this WG helpful.
> Regards,
> --
> Nacho Estrada | @acmuzic

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