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Dear Lynn and Chengetai
I do want to thank you both, and actually, Lynn, special thanks to you for being available at a challenging hour from the East Coast of the US, for the morning excellent session.   And, for your excellent comments, and Chegetai, for the excellent update on the progress toward fulfilling the CSTD WG on Improvements to the IGF Recommendations.  
You provided a great overview, and I know that there is much more behind each of those examples, and represent real progress on the WG's recommendations. 
Lynn, thanks to both you and Chengetai for your comments recognizing the NRIs.  I have forwarded your post to the NRI list, as some are not on the MAG list. 
For those who are particularly interested in the WSIS+10 follow up, and in the role of the CSTD both in STI and in WSIS Follow up, and the CSTD WG on Enhanced Cooperation, today's sessions are both stimulating and informative.
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Subject: [IGFmaglist] 19th Session CSTD

Dear MAG Members,
Chengetai and I were both invited to sit on a panel at the 19th session of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD).   
The title of the panel was:  Progress made in the implementation of and follow-up to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) outcomes at the regional and international levels.
My remarks are below and they were read by Chengetai, who followed up with his own remarks with additional information on IGF 2016 and on the accomplishments in relation to the CSTD WG report on Improvements to the IGF.  I am sure he will send his remarks along shortly.  The panel was held earlier today and the audio stream should be posted any moment.
I was not able to attend the WSIS or CSTD meetings in person but am following many of the sessions remotely.  
Comments welcome, of course.

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