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In addition to Laura’s good points, I like Ginger’s idea of a newcomer’s booth (or area of some kind) as a focal point for getting information, etc.  If it’s feasible, one thing to keep in mind (for space, staffing, etc.) is that it might become an “information booth” for all IGF-ers…new or not…!  ☺

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I agree with Wisdom, Marilyn and Laura, and would like to raise again (I can't remember who suggested it initially) the possibility of an IGF newcomers' booth in the Village Square. This could serve as a focal point for outreach, IGF information, and orientation for first timers.

Thanks, Ginger

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Hi all,

One of things that we discussed at the MAG meeting in Geneva was ways in which we could encourage new people to participate in the IGF and how was could make the meeting as accessible and welcoming as possible for these newcomers.  We talked about having introductory sessions and also possibly having a mentor scheme with members of the MAG.

I would like to suggest that when the IGF opens for registrations one of the fields on the registration form should ask people to flag if it is their first meeting.  This would firstly provide stats on how successful we’ve been in encouraging new participants which would be useful in itself even if we don’t do anything else with the information.  Secondly, it would allow for the flexibility to target the newcomers with briefing material or welcome packs in advance to help support their participation and answer any questions they might have.  It would also mean that we could mark newcomer badges in some way (as ICANN do at their meetings) to encourage other delegates to support and talk to them.

I’d welcome MAG members thoughts on this and other ideas for making the IGF as accessible as possible for newcomers.

Kind regards

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