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Dear Colleagues:
Congratulations to Virat and the rest of the Working Group on Main Sessions (WGMS) for an excellent Draft Main Session (MS) Guidelines and criteria for IGF 2016.
I only want to make a suggestion in one aspect that In my opinion should be further elaborated.
Is in the design of the how the Main Session will be conducted by the moderator.
Normally the speakers "speak" one after the other making monolithic presentations and then the floor is open for interventions from the audience.
I prefer a more "granular" structure of the Main Session, maybe by deciding on several sub-themes and the moderator conducting briefer rounds of interventions -from the speakers and the audience.
This helps to avoid a common problem of presentations and interventions referring to topics that were spoken too many minutes before.
In this way the session will gain in agility and (hopefully) in interest for the audience.
Best regards

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Dear Lynn, Chengetai, and Members,
This is to inform you that the Working Group on Main Sessions (WGMS) has completed its assigned task of formulating Draft Main Session (MS) Guidelines and criteria, for IGF 2016. Brief details regarding the proceedings of the Working Group, along with the Draft MS Guidelines 2016, are attached for MAG's consideration, comments and approval.
Proceedings of the Working Group on Main Sessions
The Working Group on Main Sessions (WGMS) was formed after receiving MAG approval on April 26. Liesyl Franz and I volunteered to co-facilitate the proceedings of the WG. An open call inviting volunteers to join the WG was sent out on April 27. A total of 23 members from and outside the MAG, kindly volunteered to join the WG. Relevant documents from 2015 Guidelines were circulated, inviting comments.  Comments were received from several members of the WG. Special thanks to Jeremy Malcolm, Zeina Bou Harb, Klaus Stoll, Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Association for Progressive Communications and Susan Chalmers for their written inputs and guidance for structuring the 2016 draft.

Modular Recommendations for 2016 Main Session Guidelines

Based on the inputs provided by WGMS members, the Draft MS Guidelines have been prepared in a 3 tier modular structure:

i)                    Main Sessions Guidelines

ii)                   Considerations for Main Sessions

iii)                 Recommended timelines for 2016 for main session planning

It has been the WGMS's attempt to keep the first 2 parts (Guidelines and Considerations) as a rotating document for future years.

-          Guidelines are specific and will eventually become the basis of selection.

-          Considerations are by way of advice and guidance to Main Session co-facilitators. Obviously, both these parts can evolve, based on discussions within future MAGs and the needs / focus of forthcoming IGFs.

-          The Draft Timelines have been recommended specifically for 2016.  These (steps and deadlines) will need to be updated necessarily, ahead of each IGF, depending on various circumstances.

Next Steps

WGMS submits that:

i)                    The Draft MS Guidelines 2016, may kindly be reviewed by the MAG.

ii)                   The secretariat may kindly list the Draft MS Guidelines 2016, as an agenda item for the upcoming MAG virtual call scheduled on May 18, 2016.

iii)                 The MAG may kindly consider approving the Draft MS Guidelines by 30th May 2016.  It is only after final MS Guidelines are announced that the co-facilitators of the proposed main sessions for 2016 can be requested to send in written proposals for consideration of the MAG, and discussions, likely at the 2nd MAG meeting from 12-14 July 2016, in NY.

Trust the MAG will find the Draft Main Session Guidelines relevant for IGF 2016, and usable as a rotating document for future IGFs, as appropriate.

Submitted (as attached) for MAG's consideration.

Best Regards,

Virat Bhatia and Liesyl Franz
WGMS 2016

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