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Dear Juan, Thanks so much for this.
I was at the CSTD last week from start, til the late a.m Sat close of the negotiations on the Resolution /WSIS, which includes language about the WGEC, and IGF.  There were some other non government participants who were there for significant parts of the 5 days, but most left much before the late night /last night several hours of negotiations that will, undoubtedly, affect the work of the WGEC. 
Your attached presentation is much appreciated.
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Subject: [IGFmaglist] My presentation at LACNIC 25

Dear Colleagues:
The week before last was held in Havana the 25th meeting of LACNIC, the Regional Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean.
Simultaneously, LACTLD, the Latin American and Caribbean ccTLD Organization, held a Policy Workshop that included a panel named: “Internet Governance, most relevant issues of 2016 agenda”.
I was invited to speak in this panel.
My intervention was very brief. ( I am attaching the slides in English and in Spanish.)
It was based in the last part of my article in the book that came out last December: “The Working Group on Internet Governance – 10th Anniversary Reflections”, that can be found in
I argued that the IGF is the most appropriate mechanism for global Internet governance.
I defended this idea with documents over 10 years old: The 2005 WGIG Report, that can be found in
And an article that our Brazilian friend Carlos Afonso published back in 2005 called: “A Global Internet Governance Forum. The View from Brazil”, that was part of the book: “Vision or hallucination? Briefing papers towards
 the World Summit on the Information Society”, that still can be found in 
I will defend this idea in the upcoming sessions of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation that was announced last week.
I hope that you find this interesting.
Best regards

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