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Dear All,

The discussion regarding postponing the deadline for submitting workshop proposals is an important one.  Takes place, without fail, nearly each year. This year’s workshop submission timelines were finalized after a detailed discussion within the MAG.

Since the time is short this year, any postponement has consequences on the work of others who need to play their role in the process.(E.g. MAG, secretariat, etc.)

Here are some facts, related to the “workshop submission and approval process” for us to consider, before we decide, if and when, such a postponement should occur.

1.      Judging by the rate of Workshop proposal submissions: In the last few years MAG has received between 220 and 240 workshops proposals. IGF schedule allows for a final shortlist of approx. 90-95 workshops to be held during the 4 day IGF. Workshop proposals come in slow at first, and then gain speed during the final days before the deadline. If the rate of WS submissions currently, is the same as previous years, then the need for considering an extension just yet, can be kept temporarily in abeyance.  If however, the submission rate is slower than previous years, then the idea of extension can be taken further.  Secretariat is in the best position to advice as to how we are doing.

2.      Tight timelines for shortlisting Workshops:  The period of June 6 (deadline for workshop proposal submission) to July 12 (2nd MAG meeting) is very tight.  It barely allows for:

(i)      IGF secretariat 1 week till June 13 for initial screening;

(ii)    MAG members 3 weeks for evaluation and rating till July 4;

(iii)   Secretariat 1 week to prepare synthesis paper and rank order MAG evaluations by July 11 (2nd MAG meeting begins on July 12).

Delaying workshop proposal submissions compresses this 5 week period, and has implications on the time available to MAG for ratings, and secretariat for its work towards the beginning and the end.

3.      2nd MAG meeting usually approves Workshops shortlist for forthcoming IGF:  Usually the 2nd MAG meeting held each year, primarily devotes its time (apart from the routine briefings and discussions and those from host country, etc.), on the issue of approving the final approx. 90 – 95 workshops, including recommending mergers where appropriate. The other main activity at the second MAG meeting is to get a status update from main session organizers.  This year however, we will barely be in a position to finalize Main Sessions, given the delayed start of the planning cycle in 2016.  This will need additional time.  Between shortlisting workshops and finalizing main sessions, the MAG can easily consume nearly 2 of the 3 days.

4.      Reasonable space between Workshop, Open Forum and Main Session proposal submissions:  The MAG and secretariat’s decision to space out submissions between Workshops, Open Forums, and written proposals from Main Session co-facilitators, to allow for sufficient time between submissions, seems to align itself with a good plan in 2016.  Approx. 2 weeks between the workshops submission deadline and Open Forum submissions, and over 2 weeks between Open Forum submissions and written proposal for main sessions.  Finally, all proposals come in well in time for the 2nd MAG meeting from July 12-14 in New York.  (please see chart below)






Submission of Workshops proposals
[ http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/igf16-workshops ]

6 June 2016



Submission of Open Forum proposals
[ http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/igf2016-open-forums ]

20 June 2016



Submission of Main Sessions proposals*

5 July 2016

To be announced


2nd face-to-face MAG meeting, New York

12-14 July 2016


* As per the current Draft Timelines submitted by Working Group on Main Sessions for MAG approval

Request colleagues to consider the above timelines and expectations, from the MAG and secretariat, before taking a final decision.

I submit that we hear from the secretariat on the current “rate of submission” and take a more informed decision, but hopefully, closer to the expiry of the deadline ( 6 June 2016) if needed, rather than just yet.

Trust this is helpful.

Virat Bhatia

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Dear all,

I agree with Avri's approach here - most people haven't yet started drafting their proposals. Postponing the deadline at this point would probably do little more than just postpone the start of work date.

Last year's practice seemed to work well - perhaps the Secretariat could provide further guidance.



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> On 16 May 2016, at 18:24, avri doria <avri at acm.org<mailto:avri at acm.org>> wrote:


> Hi,


> I do not support postponing the deadline.  Certainly not at this point

> when there are several weeks yet to go.  Human nature being what it

> is, postponing the deadline today may postpone the start-work date for

> some as well.


> I suggest that the secretariat, as is its practice, be open to

> lenience for those requesting extra time at the last minute, but think

> it is far too soon to postpone.


> Instead I suggest we remind people, especially those in our circles of

> reference, often of the deadline and how it is approaching.


> avri




>> On 16-May-16 10:53, Renata Aquino Ribeiro wrote:

>> Dear all


>> Thank you for this draft agenda.

>> If I can just add a request on the Update from Secretariat Would it

>> be possible to have some information on the workshop submission

>> numbers?


>> Also, I`d like to propose workshop deadline postponement in 2 weeks.

>> MAG members may need the numbers in workshop submission to think

>> about this idea.


>> However, I`d also add that since our upcoming virtual mag meeting is

>> past current workshop submission deadline, maybe it is time to start

>> discussing this possibility already.


>> Also, due to the great work already being done by the WGMS group, we

>> are evaluating the main session proposal submission deadline and some

>> combined action between the two schedules would be interesting. As

>> well, the timelines of intersessional activities planning.


>> Thank you


>> Renata



>>> On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 4:40 AM, Chengetai Masango <cmasango at unog.ch<mailto:cmasango at unog.ch>> wrote:

>>> Dear All,


>>> Please find below the Draft agenda for the next virtual meeting.


>>> Draft Agenda


>>> 1. Intro from MAG Chair, adoption of agenda 2. Update from Host

>>> Country 3. Update from IGF Secretariat 4. Updates: MAG Working

>>> Groups (WGMS, WG-WREP, etc..) 5. Discussion on and updates from 2016

>>> intersessional activities

>>>           (BPFs, CNB Phase II, NRI’s, DCs)

>>> 6.     Discussion on proposal for a WG on CSTD  recommendations on

>>> improvements to the IGF

>>> 7.  Update on CSTD meeting

>>> 8.  AOB


>>> Best regards


>>> Chengetai


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