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Dear Liesyl,

I am still not happy with amendments you made to c (iv). Would you like me
to submit a technical paper to justify points i made earlier.

There were other MAG members in support of the insertions made.

Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro
On 28/05/2016 8:01 am, "Franz, Liesyl I" <FranzLI at state.gov> wrote:

Dear Members of the MAG,

Following Virat’s previous email, please find attached a revised set of *IGF
Main Session Guidelines* for MAG approval (current version 4).  The input
and email discussions on the guidelines have been very helpful, and we have
tried to capture the content and spirit of them in a consolidated way,
given the perspectives that have come forward.   Further, we hope this set
covers the goal of providing some predictability, consistency, and guidance
for how Main Sessions will be organized while providing new organizers the
benefit of the experience of previous organizers (including in the
“considerations” sections to provide ideas) – and still allowing for
flexibility and innovation in the Main Sessions proceedings.  If there are
any last issues of concern by Monday, of course we can try to quickly
address them.

Given that it is the weekend (already in many places…!), we can extend
the *deadline
to Tuesday May 31 for MAG approval*.  Thank you again for your input and in
advance for your approval.

Kind regards,

Liesyl Franz and Virat Bhatia


*WGMS 2016*

Liesyl Franz

Senior Policy Advisor

Office of the Coordinator for Cyber Issues

U.S. Department of State

O: (202) 647-3919

M: (202) 297-1099

FranzLI at state.gov

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Dear Members of the MAG,

I could not attend last night’s MAG call as it was past 3:30 am India time.
I am informed that a brief discussion on the Main Session Guidelines for
2016, was led by Liesyl Franz, the co-facilitator of the Working Group (WG)
on Main Sessions.

*WG consultations completed. First round of MAG consultations completed*

WG consultations were held between April 27 – May 11, 2016.  Since May 13,
2016, when the Draft Main Session Guidelines 2016, were submitted to the
MAG for comments, by the WG, 5 sets of inputs have been received from Juan,
Wisdom, Ginger, Sala, Segun (all MAG) and Susan Chalmers (from the Working
Group). These comments have been included in appropriate sections of the
Draft Main Session Guidelines 2016 (attached herewith).

*Final round of MAG consultations till 25th May 2016*

In case MAG members would like to provide any last / final comments, they
are requested to do so by end-of-business, Wednesday, 25th May 2016.

After this week-long, final round of online consultation within the MAG, we
aim to finalize and the secretariat can announce the Main Session
Guidelines 2016, on 30th May 2016, as per the draft timelines recommended
by the WG.  Following this, a call can be placed inviting co-facilitators
of Main Sessions to send in their written proposals, as appropriate.

For draft timelines between now and IGF 2016, related to various steps in
planning and organizing main sessions, please see Part III of the attached
Draft Main Session Guidelines 2016.

Best regards,

Virat Bhatia and Liesyl Franz


*WGMS 2016*

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