[IGFmaglist] Request from NRI Coordinator's for an extension to enable comments into the Connecting the Next Billions:Phase Two

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On Friday, May 27, 2016, Marilyn Cade <marilynscade at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear MAG colleagues
> Acting in my role as Substantive Coordinator for the NRIs, I am making a
formal request for an extension on the inputs from the NRIs into the
Connecting the Next Billions:Phase II - both for comments about the
substantive suggestions, and also about their ability to provide broader
inputs, as the INTERCESSIONAL work proceeds.
> This week, there were two calls spread across the NRIs, with
participation from the MAG Chair, and the IGF Secretariat, both Chengetai
and Anja.  There are two inputs that I offer, first a general comment about
the priority that the NRIs attach to this topic, and then a request for an
extended deadline for comments.
> In 2015, over 20 if the NRIs provided comments on the first phase of
Connecting the Next Billion' A quick survey undertaken by the IGF
Secretariat also shows that connectivity, in its broadest sense, including
how to address the SDGs more fully, but inclusive of capacity building,
meaningful and useful applications in e-health, e services to citizens, e
government overall, and e-education and e-trade are key interests of the
NRIs, as they advance IG at a national level and sub regional levels.  This
was true in 2015, and validated by the mini survey undertaken in 2016.
> The NRIs are keen, from those who have participated in the response to
the IGF Secretariat
> call for input, to participate in the next phase of CNBs: Phase II.
> However, they are all required by their very nature to take input from
their communities of interest, and to consult with organizers/steering
group members, etc.
> I am therefore asking for an extension for the NRIs until June 8, which
will allow more time for their substantive comments on the excellent
proposal submitted by Constance, and also to address their communities'
views on their interest in further participation in contributing to the
proposed approach.
> Several NRIs have already been held, but as in 2015, NRI Coordinator's
may be able to create sub groups from their community of participants to
contribute into the INTERCESSIONAL work.
>  work. Others, yet to be held, may be able to hold special plenaries or
workshops on the CNB.
> Please be assured of the high priority that the NRI coordinators who have
commented attach to this INTERCESSIONAL work. Not all NRI Coordinator's
commented, but we have sufficient participation, especially from developing
countries and NRIs
> In formation to take note of this important request, and forward it to
the MAG, and to the CBN Coordinator.
> The purpose of the requested extension is to enable further outreach to
the NRI Coordinator's, and their outreach to their communities.
> Submitted by Marilyn Cade
> Acting as Substantive Coordinator for the NRI engagement
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