[IGFmaglist] Proposal for Modification for the Workshop Review and Evaluation Process

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Dear All,
Thank you for the work done, I guess it would be  great to see the result in an evaluation grading sheet.
My concern is that we are categorizing 4 sets of criteria without determining a basic ordering from highest importance to least importance. Is Relevance equal to Format  for example in grading?  I propose to assign weights to each set after scoring.The scoring used might be 0-2 where 0 means does not meet criteria, 1 means partially meet criteria and 2 if the proposed workshop fully meets the evaluation criteria.

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Dear Rasha and all

Thanks for submitting this proposal on workshop evaluation to MAG
members analysis.


Along the main lines of the proposal, it provides a good way to modify
the evaluation and streamline the process.
I am in agreement.
Thanks also to the team who participated on this.

I do have a few doubts, one of them to Secretariat

* ****Secretariat please see*****
>From the text:
"The secretariat will provide information on whether or not this is a
debut (first time) proposal. There could be a separate pool for debut
presentations, or a certain number of points could be added to a debut
presentation. Such point value would be determined for the first year
once all the scores come in. This could be done at the NYC MAG
Does the Secretariat have this info?

* Question to MAG Members (and all who would like to pitch in)
>From the text:
"If all feedback is given to workshop proposers (including the
scores), they would be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of
their proposal just by looking at the different scores and knowing
which items scored less than others. This would also help them make
better proposals the following year."

Is it possible, to have a second chance evaluation for some workshops?
Could this same feedback be directed to that?

My ask comes from the fact that sometimes works just need minor
modifications to be adequate to presentation. Should this be taken
into account here?

Also another issue
As the MAG members are still discussing the adequate criteria for MAG
members participation, it should be clear whether the rule applied
would result in modification of workshop proposal and it would be
important this is in the evaluation process publicly shared.



On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 7:23 AM, Dr. Rasha Abdulla <rasha at aucegypt.edu> wrote:
> Dear MAG members,
> Following the Secretariat's green light, I have finalized the proposal for
> modifying the Workshop Review and Evaluation Process. This proposal tackles
> only the second stage of the review process, that of evaluation by MAG
> members. The first stage (the Secretariat screening), as well as the third
> stage (final decisions re borderline cases, mergers, etc) remain unchanged.
> I hope this proposal arrives at a middle ground for this year that takes
> care of most of the concerns raised. It also reduces the subjectivity in
> evaluation, and it considerably reduces the work load per MAG member. Many
> thanks to Flavio, who suggested the work distribution among MAG members, and
> to Susan for her comments on the whole process. I'm attaching the new
> proposal on the second stage of reviewing as well as the current document
> for the whole review process.
> In the interest of time before our next virtual meeting, and since there was
> little interaction on the WG mailing list, I'm hereby offering the proposal
> to the full list of MAG members for consideration. I request that the
> Secretariat include this on Wednesday's meeting agenda if possible.
> Best regards.
> Rasha
> Rasha A. Abdulla, Ph.D.
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> Journalism and Mass Communication
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