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Thank you so much for your information.

Tran Van Son
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Dear MAG Chair, Members,

I humbly bring to you attention the hosting of the second Africa Open Data Conference (AODC) in July 2017. The four-day conference will be held at the Accra International Conference Centre from 18 – 21 July 2017.  There will be a range of topics open data and internet governance and high level sessions for governments to adopting open data for sustainable development.

The 2017 Africa Open Data Conference in Accra, Ghana is set to attract over 600 delegates drawn from all over Africa and the world at large. This auspicious event will push the leadership role of the private sector in supplying, using, and demanding open data, and bring together brilliant innovators and visionaries to grow their networks, hone their success, and connect with sources of support, and introduce investors and donors to an expanding sector that seeks and supplies open data to achieve development goals in Africa and across the globe and will among other things help:

●       Identify existing and potential solutions for closing the open data skill gap in Ghana and Africa

●       Develop and expand partnerships that build open data awareness and drive use of open data among businesses, media, governments, academia, civil society, citizens, diaspora, and advocacy organizations.

●       Connect new actors with existing projects and initiatives that will benefit from open data, including the Sustainable Development Goals, Data Journalism, and Ghana- programs such as e-Transform.

●       Improve the quality and re-usability of open data services including the Ghana Open Data Portal.

●       Review the progress made for open data in Ghana and in Africa.

●       Launch new opportunities for mentorship, training, and funding of open data-driven projects and initiatives.

●       Promote the development and harmonization of data standards across Africa.

●       Help build healthier communities through improved open data in Africa.

●       Identify the kind of data regime needed for the most effective and robust systems for the implementation and reaching the SDGs

●       Increase the demand for open data across sectors and including open Government data in Ghana and Africa

●       Elevate existing and ongoing work to be counted toward progress of SDGs

●       The importance of Open Data and Internet governance in reaching the SDG's

Ghana is part of the Africa open data community and signed onto the Open Government Partnership in September, 2011 which sparked off a quest for Ghana to open up its government data. with some government data now opened for public use at www.data.gov.gh<http://www.data.gov.gh/>
For more information about the conference including registration please visit www.africaopendata.net/2017<http://www.africaopendata.net/2017>  and contact press at africaopendata.net<mailto:press at africaopendata.net> and Wisdom Donkor on +233-208128851 or send mail to aodc2017 at data.gov.gh <mailto:aodc2017 at data.gov.gh> / secretariat at aodc-gh.info<mailto:secretariat at aodc-gh.info>

About AODC
The Africa Open Data Community is a convening space for technology industry, small businesses, Journalists, civic technology, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, IT solution providers, banks, telecoms, insurance companies, NGO's, donor organizations, and local and national governments to connect virtually and in person to share advances in open data, share lessons, and form new collaborations.  The conversation of Open data is a timeless concept: it is information accessible by anyone. We realise the importance of Open data as a growing global resource with potential to grow business, improve quality of government service, and increase innovation in healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture, gender equality.  We seek a transparent, open dialogue and concrete action on common challenges and shared solutions for communities and partners across Africa. The first edition of the AODC was organized by the Africa Open Data Collaborative in September 2015 in Tanzania hosted by the Government of Tanzania and its people and supported by the World Bank, Code for Africa, Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition initiative, WorldWide Web Foundation, MCC, and numerous other partners. The event occurred over four days and included practical training for startups and entrepreneurs, high-level meetings of diplomats and policymakers working toward improving data for decision-making, planning sessions for advocacy organizations, and hands-on demonstrations of innovations fueled by open data.  The event attracted five-hundred participants from thirty-two countries and helped catalyze the growth and partnership of new actors into the civic technology space.

For more information on AODC conference registration, please visit: http://www.africaopendata.net/
About Ghana Open Data Initiative (GODI)
The Ghana Open Data Initiative was started in January 2012 as a project under the National Information Technology Agency (NITA). Through the support of the Web Foundation, NITA built the initiative with the main aim of creating an open data ecosystem in Ghana and subsequently the Ghana Open Data portal. The GODI project was the fourth thematic areas of the Ghana Action Plan 2013 adopted by Ghana Open Government Partnership Steering Committee with its secretariat at the Public Sector Reform Secretariat under the office of the president.  Current, Ghana is one of the few countries that has an open data portal. The Ministry of Communications has launched the e-Transform project, a World Bank project, that has amongst others a component to revamp the Ghana Open Data Initiative and improved the Ghana open data portal. You may visit the portal at http://data.gov.gh<http://data.gov.gh/>

Kindly Find attached Overview document for more Information.

Thank you,

E-government and Open Government Data Platforms Specialist
ICANN Fellow / Member, UN IGF MAG Member, ISOC Member,
Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) Member, Diplo Foundation Member,
OGP Open Data WG Member, GODAN Memember, ITAG Member
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