[IGFmaglist] Ginger's point, I'm already in the queue, please read into the meeting (strategy issues)

Ginger Paque virginiap at diplomacy.edu
Thu Mar 2 07:26:36 EST 2017

I have a class at 2 pm, so would appreciate Anja's reading of this
intervention into the meeting for me when my turn in the queue comes up. I
have limited my points to those I think indispensable for this meeting, and
will bring other points of fine tuning to the MAG list.

First, I echo the appreciation for the WG and Rasha's work and proposal.

The points on RP from Slobodan, Raquel and Rasha are much appreciated, and
very important. We need to work on the incorporation of RP processes in the
sessions and meetings, especially on non-tech strategies. We should clearly
address this in instructions to session organisers and proposers. I would
be happy to be involved in writing this paragraph of instructions.

Could Rasha or Lynne please specify a timeline for discussion and approval
of the proposal, so we can address indispensable points of strategy here
and now, and leave details for the MAG list? In particular:

Will we have a comment period for MAG members on the session selection

Will we have a comment period for non-MAG members on the session selection
proposal, especially feedback from previous session proposers, so we make
sure to address their concerns as well as our own as MAG members and
evaluators? Or has this already thoroughly been done?

Will there be a time period or mechanism for input by session organisers on
their workshops, to be included in the MAG meeting discussion of proposals?
After a preliminary scoring, perhaps this 'numeric' feedback and comments
could be sent to organisers for their comments and input about concerns
noted by evaluators. I think this would help address Juan's concern, and
help those organisers who don't have a vocal MAG member supporting their
workshop in the discussion, to defend their proposals.

Thank you very much.
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