[IGFmaglist] IGF MAG Working Group Formation and Working Guidelines

Lynn St.Amour st.amour at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 27 13:33:20 EDT 2017

Dear MAG members,

Please find attached a document that was created by the IGF Secretariat (and for transparency reviewed by me) that documents the working practices past MAGs/MAG Chairs have used to establish IGF MAG Working Groups.  

We will review this process on the MAG call on Tuesday, and move it forward for approval as soon as appropriate.  Early comments will help us make maximum progress, so please do not wait for the MAG call to comment.  When approved by the MAG it will be published on the IGF website.  These efforts are part of improving core MAG operations and your review is critical.  

Finally, the list of MAG Working Groups I have heard mentioned for 2017 are listed below.  If there are others, please inform the MAG ASAP.  For reference, there were 4 WGs approved in 2016 (WG on New Session Formats (WG-SF), WG on Main Sessions (WG-MS), WG on Workshop Review and Evaluation Process (WG-WREP), and WG on Outreach and Communication).

2017 IGF MAG Working Groups Requested:

- WG on Workshop Review and Evaluation Process (WG-WREP) - still active and helping guide this years process.  Needs to be formally approved again in 2017.  Rasha, can you send the charter to the MAG so all MAG members have the document, please.

- WG on IGF Improvements -  Avri has recently sent this link to the (still open) Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-WSFh9XQV0hutxuAlxsAJCs8XNtiCDSktADcEYKdFrI/edit?usp=sharing <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-WSFh9XQV0hutxuAlxsAJCs8XNtiCDSktADcEYKdFrI/edit?usp=sharing>    Please review and comment, this is an important and outstanding issue.

- WG on Outreach and Communication - WG-CO (Segun, could you send the latest draft for 2017 to the MAG so that we are all reviewing the correct document).

- WG on Fundraising - (WG - FUN)  This is a POTENTIAL new WG I would like to discuss.  Documents to follow soon(ish).

2016 WGs COMPLETED/CLOSED ??  Please comment if this is not the expectation.

- WG on New Session Formats (WG-SF)
- WG on Main Sessions (WG-MS)

Best regards,


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