[IGFmaglist] Proposal for a BPF on Remote Participation - updated

Renata Aquino Ribeiro raquino at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 22:58:40 EDT 2017

Dear all

The proposal for the BPF Remote participation has been updated with
co-facilitators at the end.
We are available anytime for your questions or comments

Renata, Israel, Mamadou


BPF Remote Participation


Remote participation enables online participants to have their voice
heard in meetings and events worldwide, enabling full and equal
participation whether online or in room. It maximizes the
possibilities of the use of internet for inclusion. It has to be more
prioritized as an action events can move forward. There should be also
a concern on making remote participation sustainable, either as a
knowledge system and as an economic investment. A Best Practices fórum
investigating these aspects of remote participation and documenting
guidelines would be important to increase inclusion and outreach for
participants online, onsite, moderators, chairs or speakers.



Enlist recommendations for effective remote participation, reviewing
on documents previously published in IGF groups, Dynamic Coalition on
Accessibility and other spaces.

Examine research such as done by Workshop 250 IGF2016 – How to make
remote participation sustainable.

Develop a survey for remote participation strategies.

Develop groups on social media and mobile messaging to complete remote
participation strategies.

Articulate with working groups for reporting and outreach and
intersessional activities of IGF2017 to examine a complete remote
participation strategy.

Establishing thematic sessions on the issue at IGF2017


Data on survey about remote participation categorized and visualized.

Report on guidelines for remote participation

Planning a session for the IGF community on the 2017 edition of the forum


Renata Aquino Ribeiro - Civil Society - Brazil

Israel Rosas - Government - Mexico

Mamadou Lo - Private Sector - Senegal

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