[IGFmaglist] Proposed Session Evaluation Process (With Schedule)

Shita Laksmi slaksmi at hivos.org
Thu Mar 2 07:07:19 EST 2017

Dear Rasha, Dear All, 

As the time is very limited and I could not be part of the next meeting, I would like to thank for the working group contributions. As part of the working group (though perhaps my input is limited), I am supporting the proposed changes but would like to clarify one thing and a suggestion after sessions have been approved. 

I would like to clarify on the conditions of “three confirmed speakers”. If the proposal is a lightning talks which is only two speakers maximum, would the conditions can be adjusted? 

A suggestion I would like to make is to have an additional process (could be done by Secretariat). Learning from previous IGF, though the changes in the format is very much valuable by others —we heard yesterday during stocktaking—, but we saw that people get mixed up with the new session format most probably because the type of the room. For example, a roundtable session looked like a panel session because the room format is not compatible with the sessions need. 

I am suggesting that when the we have the approved sessions, we can check the rooms provided by host country and review whether the type of approved sessions and the format of the room is compatible. 

Thank you. 

Shita Laksmi 
Program Development Manager 
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Working days: Monday - Thursday 

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Subject: [IGFmaglist] Proposed Session Evaluation Process (With Schedule) 

Dear MAG members, 

Attached please find the proposed session evaluation process, with an added proposed timetable for the process. 

Best regards. 

Rasha A. Abdulla, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor and Graduate Director 
Journalism and Mass Communication 
The American University in Cairo 
Twitter: @RashaAbdulla 
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