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Ginger, colleagues,

Good morning.
Wel… If the MAG believes in the need to focus this year efforts on engagement with new folks (taking advantage of the venue), an invitation could be at the same time a catchy title and a reflect of the overall effort (so, an overarching theme). I’m thinking in the necessary outreach efforts to attract more people, beyond the IG bubble that’s already engaged and beyond IGOs based in Geneva.

Taking this into account, I think a good idea could be:
Internet Governance Forum 2017: Shape the Internet you want.

All the best,

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That's catchy, as are many suggestions. But how is this a main theme? We are calling this a 'main theme', but it seems like a catchy title, without indicating our theme. Are we separating these two points?


Virginia Paque

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In fact I was going to comment something like that. I like the idea of turning into an invitation instead of a question; i.e.:
Let’s shape our digital future / Let’s shape our Internet / Let’s shape the Internet of the future


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Following Thomas' last comments...

Do you want to shape your/our Internet?


Join who's shaping your/our Internet

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