[IGFmaglist] Potential IGF 2017 Intersessional activities

Chengetai Masango cmasango at unog.ch
Tue Mar 14 16:09:46 EDT 2017

Hi Lea,


Strictly speaking we do not consider working groups to be  part of intersessional work. We could discuss the working groups on the next scheduled call. 


At the end of tonight’s call there will be an opportunity to discuss what the next virtual call’s agenda will be.


Best regards




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Hi Chengetai, 


Thanks for this! 


Could you clarify how other MAG intersessional activities---that don't fall under BPFs or DCs---fit into this table? I'm particularly referring to last year's WG on Communication and Outreach and the proposal to set up a WG to assist with implementing IGF improvements. 


When are these meant to be discussed?


Many thanks.





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Dear All,


Please find attached a table of the potential 2017 intesessional activities and their status according to the Secretariat’s recollection.


Best regards,




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